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Cindy Brady de-friends Greg In Hollywood on Facebook – now I know how Buddy Hinton feels! [Updated]

(UPDATE: I heard from Susan Olsen since this post went up a few hours ago – she said she never dumped me but that Facebook did. So we’re groovy again and I’m going to cancel that call I had out to Alice!)

It turns out Buddy Hinton isn’t the only person Cindy Brady has a problem with.

Cindy – well at least the actress who played her on The Brady Bunch, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married and The Bradys (but not in A Very Brady Christmas) – has de-friended me on Facebook!

It’s times like this that I stop and think: “What would Tiger do?”

I’m only writing about this because I noticed on Facebook this morning that Susan Olsen and I were no longer Facebook friends and I’ve been getting all kinds of funny comments.

I friended Susan last year when she wrote a lovely essay defending the gayness of her TV dad Robert Reed on the occasion of the US Supreme Court hearings on DOMA and Prop. 8. She called Reed ‘a king among men’ and I was so moved I did a post on it and our Facebook friendship was born.

But, sadly, I’ve been dumped.

I’ve seen Susan numerous times at events like the West Hollywood Book Fair a few years ago (pictured) when she was promoting a groovy book on the Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

If I see her again, I’ll probably be really embarrassed that I did an entire blog post on this but what the hell!

I still don’t think Buddy Hinton should have been making fun of her!

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4 Remarks

  1. Greg! You will always have us! We will always have Paris!

  2. Scandaloso!

  3. Sorry honey! I never dumped you! It’s just facebook messing with us! Inbox me! (that sounded dirty)

  4. i think they look great. ageing happens…………..

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