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Chris Colfer talks with Entertainment Weekly about Tuesday’s “Never Been Kissed” episode of “Glee” gay stars are ruling the magazine stands this week!

We get major Portia de Rossi and Ricky Martin stories in People and there is a terrific three-page spread on Glee star Chris Colfer in the new Entertainment Weekly.

I love all the mainstream attention and after reading all of the articles, they have great “It Gets Better” messages for any troubled gay teens looking for some role models.

Glee’s next episode on Nov. 9 is called Never Been Kissed. In a timely decision, producers have opted to address the current rash of bullying through Kurt (Colfer).

Fed up with football players harassing him, Kurt ventures off to spy on his glee club’s competition and meets another openly gay student, Blaine (Darren Criss).

Producers, according to EW, have not officially decided whether Blaine will be Kurt’s love interest but he motivates Kurt to stand up to his tormentors.

Chris shares with EW that he was a social outcast in high school and was bullied by classmates who would often taunt him with gay slurs. Not unlike Kurt, he would fight back with wit instead of his fists.

“One time I was walking and someone said, “F–!’ and I turned back and said, ‘Yeah, but can you spell it?’”

Adds Colfer: “Had you told me when I was walking down the halls being picked on and harassed, in a matter of four years I’d be put in a position where the character I’d be playing on TV would be inspiring so many people in that same situation, it would have been mind blowing. Everything happens for a reason, so maybe it was good I went through all of that because now it comes from a personal place.”

Here is a musical number from the Never Been Kissed episode featuring Darren Criss and Chris Colfer:

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7 Remarks

  1. Im so proud of this show! They never let you down and always make you feel, too many young people today are just indifferent to what’s happening around them.

    Maybe thru Curt they can learn, words hurt, bullying needs to stop now.

    Great choice of Darren for Curt’s BF, a great talent. This version of Teenage Dream rocks!

  2. Kurt’s face throughout this is PRICELESS! It’s amazing what Chris can do with his eyes. Waiting for Tuesday to see this episode is killing me.

  3. Well done, Darren, for getting the part.
    Don’t abandon Starkid, kay?

    And you’re awesome, Chris, you really are. Inspiring.

  4. Why are the Glee producers placing this show on Rupert Murdock’s Fox Networ? Doesn’t that guy make enough $$ marketing homophobia & hate? The producers need to escape the right wing Fox censors & move Glee to a more receptive network.

  5. Fabulous Greg! I can’t wait to see the episode tonight. There is always a “moment” in an episode that makes me cry. Is that gay or just human?

  6. I will admit, I’m not really a fan of Darren Criss and after last night’s episode, I’m rooting for Blaine not to be Kurt’s love interest. I thought the episode was great, the first this season that has really blown me away and got me excited. I can’t wait to see more of it, I hope they don’t just end the Karofsky/Kurt storyline where it is. Who knows, maybe Kurt can help Karofsky come out.

  7. von Imo has a good point. Fox is a very strange network. Kurt Hummell and Glenn Beck. I’m amazed they are giving “Glee” as much freedom as they have regarding Kurt. His story is so extremely important right now. All teens feel like outcasts but some feel it more than others. High School is such a pressure cooker and always has been but more now than ever. In the old days, bullies smacked you around and you called the authorities or called them out. Now with Cyber bullying, kids may never know who is their enemy and who is their friend. Listening to parents who have lost children to suicide is heartbreaking.

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