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Chord Overstreet talks to Vanity Fair about how he landed part of new kid at school on “Glee” everyone enjoy the season premiere of Glee last night? I’m out in Palm Springs this week and watched it at a bar called Spurline which is having Glee nights every Tuesday with free food, drink specials and giveaways!

I’m such a gleek that I answered two of the trivia questions correctly and won two CDs of Glee music!

Anyway, everyone seemed very interested in the new kid in the cast: Chord Overstreet.

He plays transfer student Sam Evans and he has replaced Finn (Cory Monteith) as starting quarterback at McKinley High and is rumored to be the new love interest for Kurt (Chris Colfer who was barely seen this episode).

Vanity Fair has a new Q&A with the young actor which helps us get to know him a bit better. Here are some excerpts:

Q. Tell me about how you got the part on Glee. Every cast member I’ve talked to has a crazy story about auditioning for some other part, or starting out as background scenery and ending up earning a role. Please tell me you have a really exciting anecdote where you were auditioning to be a Cheerio or Sue’s spectacularly handsome son.

A. I was actually auditioning to be Sue’s (Jane Lynch’s) stand-in—because we have the same color hair. I’m kidding. I auditioned for my part. I got a call from my agent one day and he asked if I could do an audition for Glee in like 30 minutes. So I grabbed my guitar and ran over there. There were so many people in the casting office they weren’t even having anyone read the sides, they were just having people play a song. So I played one, and they asked me to come back and talk to the casting agent. Then I played again. Then they asked me to walk out and “discreetely” get my sides, and come back and read. I was there for, like, five hours. Then I went home and they called and asked me to come back and sing two songs a capella. And then I sang two songs for the studio test and two for the network test. This was like at 9:30 at night. A week later I found out I got the part.
chord-overstreet-glee-shower-320.jpgOne thing I did discover on the internet is your online resume in which you are described as being six feet tall, 160 pounds, and having an “Athletic” build. Having (repeatedly) watched your shower scene in the Glee season premiere, this all seems quite accurate. Do you have a rather intense workout routine, or do you just do a lot of choreographed dancing, jazzercise, and the like?

Well, I do like two or three hours at a time in the gym. I was there last night. I just did chest and abs and triceps. Flat bench for two sets of 100 reps each on a light weight, then fifteen reps of four sets of really heavy weight. Then I did my push ups. Then I did this thing with pulleys and the weights attached, which is like an exercise for your chest. Then running. Then an hour of abs.

An hour of abs?!

You got to look good for the ladies. And for all those guys who want to see your body. If I’m going to be on national T.V. without my shirt on, I’ve got to look good.

Well, Chord. You succeeded.

Thank you.
chord-overstreet-mark-salling-glee-320.jpgNow, of course, the question everyone wants to know is if the rumors that you will become Kurt’s boyfriend on the show are accurate?

I actually don’t know that yet. We get everything an episode at a time. As of what we’ve shot now, they haven’t revealed anything about my character in a relationship way. But I think we’ll find out soon enough.

There is rumored to be man-on-man kissing. You’d be down with that?

I don’t know if I would be totally down with that outside of work. I’ve never kissed a guy before. But it’s acting. It’s kind of one of those things. Currently you have to kiss a bunch of strange people in the world of film and television.

You have to kiss a bunch of strange people?

Throughout your whole career, there’s a bunch of people you might have to kiss. Say there’s this character opposite you, and you might not be into her—or him, personally. You just gotta’ do it. That’s your job.

And beyond? You’re willing to go full Brokeback?

I have no idea. I’m going to say, no comment. I’m going to dig myself in a hole.

Here is Chord’s big number from last night’s episode:



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  1. Well, since I am too damn cheap to pay for cable and cannot pick up anything but the local ABC station over-the-air since they all switched to digital, I will just have to wait for the season 2 DVDs of “Glee” to come out. And if anybody starts mentioning this season of “Glee” to me I’ll just have to stick my fingers in my ears and go “LA,LA,LA,LA, I can’t hear you!”

  2. Loved the shower scene!

  3. we liked his voice but not his hair
    to me i he is so good
    i honestly think he looks like Justin Beiber !

  4. February 20th, 2011 at 7:23 am
    A La DarkAngel says:

    Chord, you’re hot. I love you so much! You’re funny haha <3 And Glee wouldn't be Glee without you. Tee hee <3

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