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Chico’s Angels are back tonight – with a new hunk!

This makes me very happy.

Three of my favorite detectives, Chico’s Angels, are back!

And with them is a hunky new co-star named Travis Quentin.

He is part of the cast of Chicas are 4Ever which opens tonight at the Cavern Club Theatre inside Casita Del Campo Restaurant in Silver Lake.

The three glorious Angels, obviously inspired by the Charlie’s Angels TV show,  are Kay Sedia (Oscar Quintero), Chita Parol (Ray Garcia) and Frieda Laye (Danny Casillas).

They are just comedy heaven together, believe me.

Here is the plot of their latest caper: The Angels are going under the covers for another case and it’s a diamond heist! It seems the Countess Tago’s world famous Chez Chez Diamond has been stolen and she needs the Angels to steal it back. This will be no easy task, so Chico also hires a world renowned Jewel Thief Expert Manuel Hung (played by Quentin) to assist the Angels. Before long, the Angels and Bossman become entangled in a web of lies, double-crosses and a final heist that comes to an explosive conclusion.

The new show runs through September 3. Tickets now on sale at:

Chico’s Angels 4: “Chicas are 4Ever was Co-Written by James Edward Quinn, Kurt Koehler and Oscar Quintero and Directed by Kurt Koehler with Original Music by Dan Ring and Original Lyrics by Mr. Dan.

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