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Chatting up Meredith Baxter, taking snaps, sipping wine and making promises at “Simply DiVine”

It was a bit of a crazy weekend but in a good way as I flitted from one event to another, rushed home to write about it and tried to squeeze some sleep in along the way.

So by the time yesterday afternoon’s Simply DiVine event rolled around, I was ready to sip some wine and have some food!

Picked up my pal James who lives near the Melrose Place location where the event relocated to last year and we zipped over. The event was already underway so we quickly checked in and headed straight to the Umami Burger truck.

There’s always a line but this wasn’t too long – and yet, it took forever. After investing 15 minutes, we weren’t about to give up. Finally, there was my truffle burger slider which I ate in approximately two seconds flat.

Okay, let’s taste some wine!

Zipped from booth to booth where they were pouring just enough wine to wet my tongue. But those tongue wettings add up and I soon found myself a little buzzy.

Then I see Meredith Baxter!

I am right in the middle of reading her memoir, Untied, seriously – right now. My friend Beth brought it over a few weeks ago because she was so crazy about it. So, of course, I tell Meredith that I’m reading it. She asks: ‘What part are you at?”

I’m embarrassed because I have to admit to her that I am reading it out of order. I went straight to the Family years, then I went Family Ties, then the TV movie section, then her childhood as the daughter of actress Whitney Blake who played the mom on the sitcom Hazel.

We laughed then moved on.

More wine, more nibbles of various dishes from such restaurants as Border Grill, Craft, Hudson House, Jar, Good Girl Dinette, Josie, and Urban Garden.

I realize that while I’m here having a good time, I’m also going to post about the event which goes directly to the life-saving services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center (This includes homeless youth services, HIV/AIDS medical care, youth mentoring and development, seniors services, cultural arts and education, and much more).

So, I start snapping some photos and it seems that the more little splashes of wine I have, the more I am promising each and every vendor that their photo will appear in the blog.

Beer garden guy even gets two pics Can you blame me? ! (see below)

Didn’t get any of their names but I hope they find themselves here and maybe post a comment with their name. I know the pics are a little heavy on the cute guys but can you blame me?

Run into Meredith Baxter again with her lovely partner Nancy Locke and they seem so happy together. We gab some more and Meredith now remembers that we have had several really good red carpet chats in recent years: “You’re Greg In Hollywood!”

Basically floating down the street by this point, I’m seeing all kinds of people I know including David Stern, the publisher of Frontiers, the magazine to which I am currently covering Orange County and Long Beach for.

I see my pal Jim Key at the beer garden and we catch up a bit. Jim (pictured with me at bottom of this post) is the center’s director of communications and invited me to the event again this year.

The vibe at this event is always so upbeat and happy and this year was no exception!

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