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Chandler Massey’s real-life little brother Christian plays a younger Will Horton on “Days of Our Lives” today

They may be pals now, but we all know that Will Horton tried to kill EJ DeMira way back when.

But Will was spared prosecution because his father, Lucas, took the blame and went to prison.

This is a sordid history that Will’s nemesis, Nick Fallon, has figured out and is now plotting to use against Will in his determination to gain full custody of Gabi’s baby.

In today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, there will be a flashback to the day of the shooting and the younger Will is portrayed by Christian Massey, the real-life younger brother of Emmy winner Chandler Massey!

Here are photos of the two brothers on the Days set!



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9 Remarks

  1. February 8th, 2013 at 10:50 am
    Robert Kabwe says:

    Lol that’s a great bit of casting – they look so alike. Looking forward to seeing the acting

  2. I wondered who that actor was today. They do look very much alike.

  3. February 9th, 2013 at 4:44 am
    Bradley Hennigh says:

    Yes. That’s Christian Massey. Chandler’s real life younger brother. I can’t even begin imgaine how proud Chandler, his parents and sister are when Christian had played a brief part on Days. I’m also happy for them as well.

  4. I always thought of myself as a consistent viewer of DOOL, but this has me stumped. I think the writers are rewriting history. I swear I remember Lucas confessing to the shooting and via flashbacks, we, the viewers, saw Lucas pull the trigger. Sami and EJ were at the altar and Lucas was behind the heavy black curtains. Will was no where is sight, nor was he involved in any storyline back then. He may have even been in Switzerland with Carrie and Austin. Anyone else think this “Will was the actual shooter” is a rewriting of history?

  5. Days rewrites history all the time. They always change the nature of the character’s too. Jennifer has gone from gullable and innocent to sly and manipulative. Brady has gone from astute and cautious to dumb and niave – there’s no way the Brady we know would have succum to the likes of Kristen and her manipulation. So why not rewrite history. I also remember Lucas shooting EJ, and at that time Will was a bit player. Convenient kw

  6. Will was definitely on the scene at the time. The comment he made the other day about “shooting” the gun with T actually happened. We just didn’t know he was there with ‘T’ because that character was not on. We were led to believe Lucas pulled the trigger, but the writing at the time was set up to make it look like Will might have actually done it. Soon after, he went to live with Carrie and Austin.

  7. This guy and i are friends at school i didnt know he had so much stuff going on though this is epic

  8. I GO TO SCHOOL WITH HIM. Hes gorgeous.

  9. There is no doubt that they are truly related; less confusing than Days…here we see Chandler more nervous than his kid brother, who is kind enough to hold him up, and tight. “Hey, move over, and move out Chan, I need the room, and it is Swiffer dust-free.”

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