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Chandler Massey wins third Daytime Emmy for his performance as Will Horton on “Days of Our Lives”


Chandler Massey has won his third consecutive Emmy for his performance as Will Horton on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.

Chandler diffused what could have been an awkward moment after producers of the show showed a clip of Chandler’s successor, Guy Wilson, when announcing his name as a nominee.

“My reel as great!” Chandler quipped as he took the stage to accept the trophy.

‘First of all, I want to thank everyone at Days and NBC for this amazing ride. Four years. It was such an incredible experience. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.’

‘When I moved out here to go to college, a soap opera was like the last thing in my mind. But because of everyone on the show, the cast and the crew, I have absolutely no regrets at all – no regrets at all and I love you guys so much.”



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12 Remarks

  1. Congratulations to Chandler Massey on his third Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Younger Actor. What a classy guy.

  2. June 22nd, 2014 at 5:41 pm
    Joy Tadych says:

    great job chandler we are so proud of you. Congrat again

  3. Awesome. He is so missed!!! A much better actor than the present. Wish u would come back. Imagine u left because of the storyline. Best wishes! ! We are travelling. We’re u not even allowed to sit with the cast? If so
    , shame on days!!! So wrong of them not to show your superior work!!!

  4. What a class act!! Nice of you to give kudos to your former employers and fellow co-actors. May you go far in your career endeavors!! Pretty obvious after a 3peat you are very talented in your craft. Best of luck!!!

  5. What a class act!! May you go far in your career endeavors!! Pretty obvious after a 3peat you are very talented in your craft. Best of luck!!!

  6. Shame on DOOL producers! Shame on anyone who supports them as they continue to attempt to humiliate. Yet. Chandler is amazing and has such strong integrity and character as he humble accepted his much deserved award. Meanwhile, DOOL has the worst replacement possible as Will.

  7. Kind and gracious are just two words to describe Chandler. Making light of the film clip mixup was brilliant. Having been fired from Days almost immediately after last year’s Emmy win, and to come back and win again must just be icing on that cake. Congratulations!

  8. I think using this reel was the exact reason why Chandler deserved this Emmy, Thanks to his performence in the past years people still watch Will. Thats not thanks to Guy, but thanks to the memory we have of Chandler

  9. Congrats to a very classy man. He deserved this win so much. Not only for his work, as he is brilliant but for the absolutely lousy way he was treated by Days mangement. Sad that Days has lost such a talented actor and replaced him with the non actor they have now. Must see Will and Sonny has now become a fast forward moment anytime the recast is on. Chandler brought out the best of his co-stars, Guy beings out the worst.

  10. Congratulations to Chandler on his great accomplishment of winning his third Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor. He displayed such grace and dignity despite the flub of showing the wrong clip before his name was announced. I wish him all the best.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS to CHANDLER MASSEY for winning once again and accepting graciously after DAYS very intentional swipe at him by showing the wrong reel at the awards.Corday and co. will stop at nothing to dump on Chandler so it must really hurt.Good!!! I for one dropped DAYS after Chandlers ouster. Let’s dump DAYS!!

  12. After Chandler left I began watching days less often. After the Emmys, I removed DOOL from my DVR and Will never watch again. No way will I support the executives who would stoop so low Nor the cast that could not even show some polite social behavior towards Chandler’s win. He was not even acknowledged by most at awards and not mentioned in their Facebook page. Someone such as Meng or Corday is using their position to carry out a personal vendetta agains Chandler. (Wrong reel, really? You basically just showed how poor your replacement was.)
    Besides. Most of the best actors are jumping ship as fast as they can. Maybe they too think the producers have no integrity.

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