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Chandler Massey talks to Greg In Hollywood about receiving his third Emmy nomination for “Days”

Just had a chat with Chandler Massey about his Emmy nomination for Days of Our Lives and he was as humble and thoughtful as ever.

Chandler (pictured with me last year at a Paley Center event) has been doing superb work as Will Horton on Days for more than two years now and is the reason why I started watching the show in the first place.

His coming out story last year was emotional and gripping and the episode that got him his third Emmy nod was one in which Will kisses another guy for the first time then goes to his grandmother Marlena (Deidre Hall) for a heart-to-heart.

‘Just getting nominated is an honor,’ Chandler told me. ‘It’s really nice, it’s very gratifying and humbling to get this respect from your peers. But I’m not doing it for the awards, I’m doing it for the story and for the character.’

‘The exciting thing about this time is that Freddie is nominated too. That’s a huge bonus.’

That would be Freddie Smith who plays Will’s boyfriend Sonny Kiriakis, a character that had been in the background for too long but has emerged strongly in the past six months.

“I think it’s always getting better – specifically the scenes between Freddie and me,” Chandler says. “We have such an organic rapport between the two of us. The foundation of that is we both know we are working to make the scene as good as it can possibly be. That allows us to really trust each other. The bond only gets stronger between the two of us and the bond between Will and Sonny only gets stronger and deeper.”

The storyline currently has Will’s ex-girlfriend Gabi about a month away from giving birth to their child with her husband, Nick Fallon, an oppressive and homophobic presence.

“My favorite scenes are definitely ahead – the stuff that hasn’t aired yet,” Chandler says. “Will and Gabi will find themselves in an almost sitcom type relationship and it makes for interesting, funny and heartfelt scenes – really good stuff.”



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8 Remarks

  1. Getting ready to have my “fix” for the day. Will be watching by recorded DOOL – best day drama, best storyline, awesome actors. Congratulations to Chandler & Freddie for playing the best gay couple on TV today!

  2. “Will and Gabi will find themselves in an almost sitcom type relationship and it makes for interesting, funny and heartfelt scenes really good stuff.”

    Dear Chandler we love Will and Sonny not Will and gabi.

  3. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so Gabby will get away with everything ?! Seriously..puke, majority of viewers HATE Gabby (she is worse than Nick, at least he is an interesting character played by a talented actor who can create conflict and drive story) we don’t want a Will and Grace story for Will and boring Gabby ! These writers will never learn..what a disapointment.. Will and Sonny should team up and get a revenge against Gabby..THAT would be funny, interesting and heartfelt Chandler ! Really too bad while i love Will and Sonny story right now..if the futur direction is about poor poor passive agressive pseudo victim Gabby who will be once again enabled by Will..i will give up Days, it is not good soap opera, it is boring.

  4. The reason I started watching Days of our Lives is because of the love story of Will and Sonny. I started watching in September 2012. I went back and watched YT clips of Chandler as Will from when he started in 2010 through September 2012 and became a regular. LOVED the coming out storyline and the friendship between Will and Sonny which of course developed into love. These two actors are so good and talented that they make this relationship feel as real as possible. If I did not know they were acting I would swear that they were a real couple. That is how it feels to me. The chemistry between these two guys is off-the-charts amazing. Also the friendship these two actors have developed off-screen helps to solidify their on-screen performance. In interviews Freddie is always so complimentary of Chandler and always makes sure to mention his working relationship and how they are truly compatible and that is really nice to know that they get along so well. I really want to see how Will and Sonny’s relationship will develop and grow with the addition of this baby and how the relationship between them and Gabby will mesh since she will always be a part of their lives as the mother of Will’s child. I hope for the sake of the child that they all can make this work. Just like Lucas and Sammy make their co-parent relationship work for the sake of Will and AllIE. I love that Days is willing to continue with this storyline.

    Congratulations to Chandler and Freddie on their nominations and I wish them both luck on winning. But most of all I wish them continued success in their professional careers on DOOL and whatever other opportunities they have going on.

  5. I agree with absolutely everything you said Kay!! (o;

  6. @Olivia, do not speak for DAYS viewers. I do not hate Gabi. And it’s very hypocritical that u want Gabi to pay for her crimes, but u dont want Will or anyone else associated with Will to pay for theirs. I think Will/Gabi will be great parents. NO ONE wants to see a child taken from its mother, so u might as well get used to the fact that Gabi is here to stay……DEAL WITH IT

  7. First shawn i said ‘majority’ i did not say ALL Days viewers, maybe you should learn how to read next time.
    Secondly i did not say that Will should not pay for his crime but little difference : Will’s victim KNOW the crime, someone blackmail him about it whereas Gabby is treated as some fragile victim, everybody try to ‘protect’ her whereas she did SEVERAL crimes (more than Will by the way) and nobody care or know about it..well her cop big brother even covered up her crimes and her husband used blackmail to whitewash yep little little differences..and YOU DON’T KNOW if this boring and dull character is here to DEAL WITH IT !

  8. May 7th, 2013 at 7:13 am
    Jack Sprat says:

    It’s hard to imagine that the two actors will want to continue their DOOL roles for years to come, though I sure hope they do! My prediction is that, if the show itself lasts, one (probably Chandler) will quit and be recast, and that this will put the kaibosh on the WilSon phenomenon. I do think Chandler will want to go back to school to further his education, maybe play another character, if he has the broadness of talent to do so, or maybe pursue his dream of being a star in China. Let;s hope he stays humble and goes for the long haul on Days.

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