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Chandler Massey talks to AfterElton about what’s coming up on “Days of Our Lives”

SOAPS: My pal Jim Halterman is doing some great stories over at including a recent chat with Greg In Hollywood fave Chandler Massey of Days of Our Lives.

Here is some of what Chandler, who plays gay teen Will Horton, had to say about what’s coming up on the show: “Right now we’re filming into March, which is so far away, but stuff is coming up. When they introduced the character of Sonny he immediately was established as being someone who was very comfortable with who he was and confident and very grounded. I love that they wrote Sonny that way because Will is becoming the complete opposite of that. I guess I was really pleased with and surprised by how much of a struggle they’re making this. The one thing I really value about the storyline and what makes it different from other storylines is that it’s not just the ‘Will is gay’ story.

Will is the same person and he’s gay but they’re not just letting that take over his whole identity and storyline. There’s all this other stuff going on with his Mom [Sami, played by Alison Sweeney] and I like that because they’re sending a message that it’s important to be who you are but they’re not making it only that he’s gay. He’s someone with so many different colors and layers.

AE: What do we see with Will in terms of a social life? Do we see him out and about?
CM: I can say that Sonny definitely opens Will’s world up a little bit to new people and new friends. Will is one of the guys who really has just a couple of close friends and sticks to that. He’s not a big outgoing guy unless he gets a few drinks in him. [laughs] But, no, I think as far as friendship, mostly it’s the burgeoning platonic but really close relationship that Sonny and Will have.


Jim’s colleague Anthony Langford provides a preview of what is coming up for will in his Langford on Soaps column:

Will Horton decides to come out on New Year’s Eve in Salem, but something deters his plans. Could that something be Sonny Kiriakis’ boyfriend? Oh yeah, that’s right, looks like Will’s gay pal Sonny has got himself a man. As Salem rings in the New Year, Will meets Tyler, Sonny’s fella, played by Andrew St. John. Will is undoubtedly going to be as shocked as the viewers to learn that Sonny has been dating since we haven’t heard anything about this guy and the relationship seems to have developed off screen. That’s never a good sign for longevity, not to mention how the writers feel about Sonny as a character in and of himself. Clearly Tyler is simply a plot device to ping Will’s closeted gay and perhaps gear Sonny and Will into their inevitable romance. This columnist also suspects Tyler will be the gay that Sonny spies Will kissing come next February.



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  1. Pass the popcorn please! This is gettin’ good!

  2. Is Andrew St. John kin to Trevor St. John who formerly played Todd on One Life to Live? They look alike.

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