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Chandler Massey says closeted Will Horton to be “polar opposite” of out and proud Sonny on “Days”

Chandler Massey chatted with TV Guide about his storyline on Days of Our Lives and reveals that Will Horton’s coming out process is going to be quite tumultuous filled with guilt, rage, violence, drinking and blackmail.

Says Chandler: “Will sees how comfortable Sonny is and he wants to be that way, too — he really envies Sonny — but he doesn’t feel he’d have the same support. Will grew up wanting a wife and kids and now he realizes maybe that’s going to be impossible. He hasn’t yet accepted the fact he’s gay so it’s impossible to even think about other people accepting him. Seeing Sonny with his gay friends doesn’t help. It makes Will even less comfortable. He sees all these people who are out and not shy about it and he’s thinking, “What’s wrong with me that I can’t be that way?” And so he feels like a coward. He wants to be like them. He wants to be happy. But he’s afraid. I love the way they’re writing Sonny so there’s some real balance here. He’s the polar opposite of my character — completely confident in his sexuality and totally together. But Will finds that threatening and it makes him loathe himself even more. He is really acting out.”

In an upcoming episode, Gabi will break up with Will who has not wanted to sleep with her. Chandler explains why, in reaction, Will trashes his aunt Maggie’s kitchen.

“Will obviously is gay and doesn’t lust after Gabi but the reason he wants to move in with her and needs her so badly is that he’s trying to hide something he doesn’t want the world to know. She’s known for a while that something’s really, really wrong. He doesn’t want to have sex with her, so that raises a flag. In their conversation that leads up to Will’s tantrum, Gabi hints that there’s something wrong with him, that he’s in denial about something and that is the catalyst. It’s the last straw and he loses it. Once she’s out of the picture, he has nothing to hide behind.”

On Monday’s episode, Will is going to get very drunk: “Will decides he’s been through so much s–t that he deserves a drink,” Chandler says. “He drinks too much and gets rowdy, telling everybody exactly how he feels, which for an actor is always fun! Those are some of my favorite scenes I’ve ever shot and a great opportunity to show a wider range and a different side of Will. He’s lashing out at his mom, mostly. He’s calling her out on everything she’s done to everyone present in the room.”

We learn much more in the TV Guide interview including how Sonny will find out Will is also gay: he sees him kissing another guy during a drinking game in Horton Town Square – but we will have to wait until the end of February to see that!

In the dreary clip below, Will and Sonny are still involved in the ill-advised website hacking storyline which has not been the least bit interesting. The only thing that makes is bearable is knowing that there is far more interesting things ahead for them.



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