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Chandler Massey on the future of Will Horton, his college plans, and that very tight green shirt

Had a nice chat with Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey after lunch today and got to tease him a bit about the very tight green shirt he has been wearing in his most recent scenes on the show.

‘I’m not a big fan of that shirt,’ he insisted.

Then he laughed when I said: ‘But your fans are huge fans of that shirt.’

But hey, I wasn’t calling on this two-time Emmy winner to talk about his wardrobe! I wanted to ask him about his recent vacation to Peru and get his reaction to the show’s powers that be commenting that after Chandler leaves the show at the end of the year, there are no plans to recast his role of Will Horton.

“It’s very flattering,” he said. “Obviously the show has been awesome to me and it’s my pleasure working on it. Whatever they decide to do, I’ll support it. The character is more important than the actor. He’s a legacy character born on camera. I wouldn’t be bitter at all if they go and recast.”

He adds: “Sonny will need somebody and I’d rather it be Will.”

While he is not the first actor to play Will Horton, he certainly has made the biggest impact with the role in the past three-and-a-half years. He’s earned three Emmy nominations and two wins and played Will through an emotional coming out process, entering into his first gay relationship and becoming a father.

Chandler plans to remain on the show until the end of his contract which runs through the end of December. Since the show tapes episodes roughly three months ahead, he will remain on the air at least through the end of March.

Although they have their bumps in the road, Chandler does not expect Will and Sonny to be going their separate ways anytime soon though.

“Most of the drama and conflict stems from Will misunderstanding situations and being insecure. They are there to stay. Compared to all the other couples on the show, we are by far the most stable, most logical and loving.”

Chandler does not rule out coming back to the show and the role here and there.

‘That’s always a possibility,” he says.

He also says fans have been supportive of his decision.

“From what I’ve seen on Twitter, it’s been very positive, people saying ‘We’ll miss you but we understand and support you. I think everyone is just concerned with what will happen to ‘WilSon’ (the popular nickname for the pair). That’s what I’m concerned about too. I don’t want Will and Sonny to break up. I want them to be together forever and go off and get married. If I’m in school and not able to get back and they decide to bring someone else to play Will, I won’t be upset and bitter. I want what is best for WilSon.”

The 22-year-old actor is leaving the show to return to being full-time college student. He was a freshman at UCLA when he was cast in the role of Will and wants to complete his college degree.

“I’d just like to be able to breathe,” he said.

When he first left his family in Georgia to try and succeed in acting, his parents insisted he enroll at UCLA to have something to fall back on in case acting didn’t pan out.

So how do they feel now that he is leaving a coveted job to return to college?

“Now that I am going to be doing this, I think they are worried that I’m never going to get another job after this – they are like, ‘School is always going to be there,” he said, laughing.

He added: “They support whatever decision I make at end of the day.”

The family is tight and just returned from a trip to Peru where they hiked Machu Picchu.

Says Chandler: “It was great, I just like spending time with my family. I love the outdoors and I like hiking. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. We walked and hiked for three days, we saw Inca ruins. It was really beautiful and interesting.”

He returned to the Days of Our Lives set on Tuesday ready for his final months as Will.

“Aside from jet lag, I am rejuvenated.”

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6 Remarks

  1. That green shirt looks like the same one Will (Chandler) wore in August 2011 when Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith) were playing pool at the Cheatin’ Heart and Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Tad (Brendan Coughlin) came in.

    I love Chandler as Will and am sad to see him leave the show. I was hoping that the show could work out a way for him to be on the show (maybe as recurring). I cannot imagine anyone else playing Will. I hope when Chandler finishes his schooling he will consider returning.

    I do not want Freddie to leave either. Whatever happens I will continue to watch Chandler and Freddie work their WilSon magic until Chandler takes his final bow.

  2. But I will also support Freddie as long as he continues as Sonny. If they decide to recast Will with a different actor or have the couple split up and Sonny moves on to someone else. There is always the possibility that after Chandler gets his degree he could return to the show and WilSon could reunite. Whatever happens I want Chandler to be successful in whatever he chooses to do. He is and always will do.

  3. July 19th, 2013 at 3:58 am
    Bradley Hennigh says:


    I really hate to see Chandler go but at the same time I’m happy that he gets a chance to finish his college education. I completely support and respect Chandler’s decision in this regard. The show won’t be the same without him but I’m glad that he’s doing what’s best for him.

  4. “Compared to all the other couples on the show, we are by far the most stable, most logical and loving.”

    I think there’s a chance for DOOL to make a statement with Will and Sonny: keep them stable, loving, caring, struggling, loving and committed to be together as a comparison to the generic soap theme of everyone being with everyone. I believe that this could be a break that the gay couple is the stable one and the hetero couples keep on exchanging spouses. This would of course mean tricky task for the writers of the show.

  5. i hope will can stay on the show even if it is part time.I like both him and Sonny both her are good together.But if you have to go i wish you the best of luck and hope to see you back on days.

  6. Chan is a gifted and ever-so-talented actor: his humility is a blessed ingredient. His repeated praising of the script (and Sonny) is touching: the casting of Chan attests to the quality of the endeavor. Alternatives to exchanging actors: Will might not survive the shooting: the timely demonstration of mourning, especially in the wake of AIDS, could have been as ground-breaking as his embracing his difference. Having Sonny struggle with losing his love would have tied up several loose ends, and be a stunning resolution. The wish that a ‘first love’ can survive the duration, is not reality: Sonny’s endearing love of Will is an ideal role model: less accessible is a mourning of same gender love and the complication in a pre-marriage era.

    The script-writing team(s), the directors, the talented casting ad staging of this soap, has lifted the genre, and advanced the cause of equality as rarely seen.

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