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Chandler Massey gives first extensive interview to Greg In Hollywood about Will Horton coming out as gay on “Days of Our Lives”

There has been a lot of buzz this week about plans for the character of Will Horton to come out as gay on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.

Emmy nominee Chandler Massey, who plays the teenager, gave his first extensive interview on the storyline to Greg In Hollywood on Tuesday night and promises that after a slow build since last summer, things will be moving along soon.

“Over the next few months, you’re going to see a whole new side of Will,” said the 21-year-old actor. “From beginning of December through January, there will be no lack of storyline there.”

Will is currently dating high school sweetheart Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) but is disinterested in having sex with her since their first time.

Last week, Will had a heart-to-heart with grandmother Marlena (soap legend Deidre Hall) and shared that he was “confused” about the relationship but did not elaborate.

“Will does really care about Gabi and loves her, just not in the ‘I want to have sex’ kind of way,” explained Chandler. “There is definitely love there but you can’t change who you are.”

Since the character of Will was born on the soap in 1995, he is technically the first gay character in the long 46-year history of Days of Our Lives. But this distinction may have been blurred a bit with the introduction this summer of Sonny Kiriakis (played by Freddie Smith) who arrived in Salem already open about his sexuality while Will remained closeted.

The characters of Sonny and Will have developed a friendship and are currently in business together running a website. Chandler would not say if the two have a romantic future together.

“I love the fact that [the writers] are developing a friendship between Sonny and Will, I feel it’s more realistic,” he said. “Just like in any realistic relationship, there will be a basis of friendship there first before there would be anything romantic.”

And should Will find romance with Sonny or another character, Chandler is not afraid to lock lips with another male actor.

“I’m an actor and I play a role,” he said. “Anything they give me, it’s my job to go and make real and relevant.”

Despite the fact that there has been a great deal of speculation in recent months about whether Will would in fact be gay – uncertainty fueled by changes in writers and executive producers – Chandler has been aware for nearly a year about the direction of the character.

“I knew the direction in February but I had to keep my mouth shut,” he said. “It’s been a very long process. They wanted to handle it right and take their time with it and didn’t want it to be ‘Days’ doing gay storyline  because other soaps are. They were careful in keeping the information under wraps.”

I wondered what it felt like for Chandler now that the news is finally out about Will.

He said: “It feels great, Greg. Just to have the opportunity to play then first gay character in all the years of the show. It’s an honor. I told you back in June [in an earlier interview] that it would be a creative challenge if I had the opportunity and now, officially, it is. I am very, very excited about it and I’m glad I can finally acknowledge it.”

Chandler, who has been a part of the NOH8 photo project and participated in AIDS Walk Los Angeles last month, is also well aware that Will’s coming out storyline will be closely watched by teens and by the LGBT community in general.

“It’s an honor,” he said. “I’m 100 percent behind the LGBT community. The more representation they get in daytime, I’m thrilled.”

Chandler will be among the cast members at the fourth annual Day of Days Fan Event at Universal Studios in LA this weekend. [Click HERE for a schedule of events].

He also stars in the film 16-Love to be released on January 20, 2012.



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46 Remarks

  1. November 2nd, 2011 at 7:12 am
    Stuart Rogoff says:

    Thank you Chandler! You are a gifted actor and now will be a fantastic example and hero to so many young LGBT. I have been a fan of DAYS for over 33 years and have been out of the closet for almost 25 years! You and your performances mirror in so many ways my personal story, and I thank you for your compassion and heart. You touch lives! And thank you for your support and efforts in our community.

  2. I am excited for this storyline and think DAYS will do a great job with it, but wish they’d stop saying it was the show’s first gay character. That was Harold (Wentworth?),Jack and Greta’s friend at the paper, who Jack pretended to be gay and courted in order to make Jennifer jealous. When Jack finally had to come clean, he lost Jennifer and Harold, though he and Harold had a great scene on the docks (its on YouTube) where Jack tells Harold he desrves a man who really will appreciate and love him completely, not Jack. Harold even gave Jack and Jenn the job that took them to London later on. This is DAYS first core family member to come out (technically, see the note on Sonny in the article) and possibly first contract character, but definitely not the first gay character or gay storyline.

  3. If you are going by onscreen date of birth for Days’ first gay character, Sonny proceeds Will. He was born onscreen in 1990.

  4. I can’t wait for this story to pick-up.

  5. I’m NOW a big fan and look forward to watching the show and your career as an actor take off Chandler

  6. BTW smocking hot bod Chandler :)

  7. I thank this so cool

  8. November 3rd, 2011 at 7:23 pm
    Tony Steckman says:

    I have been watching DAYS my entire life. In fact some of my first same sex desires were as a child watching DAYS and the sexy men they cast on the show. Now at 45 years old, I am pleased that the show is bringing on gay characters. I am also pleased that a Horton (the central family on the show) will be part of the gay storyline. In addition, I am happy that Will will have his grandmother Dr. Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall) to lean on as he makes these discoveries about himself. So thank you DAYS for giving me something to look forward to on the show besides Maggie Horton and Victor Kiriakis’ wedding!

  9. I love this story line.

  10. My interest started to wane when a lot of the characters started to die off or just move on.I just can’t get into it anymore.

  11. It is great that Days is finally doing this, and I am glad it is with core characters also.
    And I agree that he has a smoking body! Who knew???

  12. If Days wants to portray a gay actor, whatever, but the moment they start any kind of kissing or sexual activity, I’m gone. I prefer my Christian lifestyle and have no desire to watch such sinful activity.

  13. I love the direction of this character. I just love how people think gay is the only sinful activity going on in this show. Kim you should take a gander at what a sin is before you make such statements. Cheating on a spouse or sex with someone other than a spouse is a sin. This happens all the time. This character has had sex with a girl he wasn’t married to and that was a sin. If you don’t want to see sin then you should go hide under a rock because these shows are made up of sinners sinning all the days of their lives.

  14. great story hot actor

  15. I have such pride for Days of Our Lives using its core Horton family and some of its most iconic characters such as Marlena, Maggie, and Victor, to show support and love for a gay character. Will and Sonny are two of the nicest, most honorable characters on this show and they just happen to be gay. If Days can get through to one person who believes that the gay lifestyle is a choice and that gay people are sinners and makes them realize that gay people are just like anyone else – your doctor, your lawyer, your nurse, your dentist, your next door neighbor – and teaches about tolerance, then Days of Our Lives will have taken a giant leap forward.

  16. @Kim

    Because all the other activity portrayed on the show is so much less sinful. How hipocritical. I understand you may be unconfortable with it but don’t try to justify it like that.

  17. I was always raised as a conservative, but growing up (now I’m 35), I have realized that God (or whatever you believe in) created all of us in a certain way, some gay, some straight, some bi.. etc. Now matter what you believe is right or wrong, spreading hate has always been wrong. You should love everyone for who they are. I applaud the new story-line, because I am sure many people have struggled with a similar inner-turmoil. I have a feeling it’s much harder for a person to become comfortable with who they are, than it is for others to accept them. There are always going to be those who spread disapproval over the “behavior”, but I am one of the open-minded people. I don’t believe anyone gave ME the right to pass judgement on anyone else. I believe that’s God’s job. MY job is to spread love and understanding. Thank you, Chandler for being such a respectable person and being able to portray Will’s character in a responsible way (same goes for the writers). I have been watching DOOL since 1991.. and I am the same age as Sami (Alison) But my kids are 8 and 6.. :)

  18. Ryan Philippe was the first. Playing a Gay teen on a Soap.

  19. Just read Kim’s reply from Nov.10,2011. I am also a Christian who just happens to be gay. Does God love me less than you because of who I am? Get a life, sister. It’s people like you that cause people (gay or straight) to leave religion behind. God made me and HE doesn’t make junk. BTW, I’ve done alot of Bible study on this subject and nowhere does our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ say anything about it. He did say, however, “This new command I give to you. Love one another as I have loved you.”

  20. I love you chandler massey show off your abs every day in DAYS

  21. People like Kim really make me laugh. The whole darned show is about sin and sinning! If it wasn’t, no one would watch it! Good grief. Just come right out and say you are a bigot, Kim. It’s not about sin, and you know it. If it was, you’d never watch the show at all!

  22. Sry Diana I dont believe God made anyone gay. I’ve been gay my whole life but after turning to God he has shown me that this condition is psychological. ( Not a choice, and not genetic as the world believes today). It’s a psychological condition that is the result of factors in our lives over which we had no control. God loves homosexuals as he does all people. And he offers us forgiveness and the hope of a new life. But it is against his will when he practice the sexual behavior.
    @ Rick I agree with your comments to Kim, soap storylines are centered on sinful behavior. And they promote lust or all kinds. It’s all makeup believe but at times it goes to far. Melissa Reeves(Jennifer) had an affair with one of her costars yrs ago and it cost her job and nearly her marriage.
    She admitted it all in an interview. Her husband Scott Reeves ( Steven, GH, ex Ryan Y+R forced her to quit the show to save her marriage and family. The Days execs sued her for breaching her contract.) Thank God she and Scott worked out their marriage and she’s back on Days. But she admitted in an interview that as a human sharing explicit love scenes with her very handsome, well built costar caused her to cross the line with him and enter an affair.
    So yeah, Soaps are full of sin.
    That being said I am glad Days is doing this story because despite the liberal angle this story brings the issue out of the closet so to speak. This way everyone can make up their own minds about the issue. And teens especially can feel empowered to be open if they are dealing with this issue. Soaps are the perfect forum to explore vital issues like this.

  23. Paul, you must have missed the verse below:
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (NIV).

    Seems pretty black and white to me…
    I can’t see how anyone can read that and justify living this lifestyle. Christians are called to live Godly lives, and that just isn’t it.

    The soaps… well we know they are all about sin, so I try not to base my life on them. I admire the actors for taking on roles that speak to people, but why do they never have someone who is a Christian on there? If they are going to try to portray real life, they need to do all sides.

  24. Finally, Days of Our Lives takes on a bit of Gays of Our Lives! I’ve also half followed this show, one of my favourite soaps, but Will’s storyline has brought me back in to recording it daily as it’s nice to see my own sexuality represented on Days, at last. Reminds me of when African American had bit parts years ago before finally becoming mainstream. He’s a fabulous actor. I’m enjoying the show on a whole new level. But let’s not forget when Jack told Jennifer he was gay and ended up doing a showgirl stint in Vegas – that storyline was hilarious.

  25. Sandra, the apostle Paul said that, not Jesus. I know you think it’s all the same, but Jesus himself never spoke about the Gays, so get over it… it’s all about Love and Jesus spoke a lot about love. I suggest you re-read the New Testament.

    Thank you Chandler. We owe you a lot for making your character so believable. Thank you for your support!

  26. Alice and Tom Horton are rolling over in their grave…..

  27. @ Kim:
    Ma’am, you totally contradicted yourself in your comment. Soaps are famous for their “sins”. And what in the world is wrong with two people of the same sex kissing? If you’re such a homophob then you better lock yourself in your home, and never go out in public because we homosexuals are EVERYWHERE…..probably even in YOUR family and or church. And I thought people like you were too busy reading your bibles and confessing your sins to be watching tv anyway?
    Cheers to the queers!
    And thank you Days for this storyline and thank you Chandler for portraying it…make us proud!

  28. i support chandler in whatever direction his role goes and love days of our lives no matter what! But really you guys we dont have to go around bashing each other for what we believe! i myself am straight but have a gay friends that i meet on a school trip when i was younger. Before that point i truely had never met a homosexual! So sorry Charley but homosexuality isnt everywhere yet, unless there just all hiding in there closet very well!!

  29. Romans 1:24-27; I Timothy 1:10 and Jude 7 for those that said there was no reference in the New Testament. Jesus didn’t mention alot of sins in the Bible. It doesn’t mean they are all ok. But He does offer salvation for everyone that turns from their sin. I think Days will follow the route of all the CBS soaps and end up off the air. Many people are ok with gay storyline but not with the physical contact.

  30. FOR ALL YOU BASHERS! IF you dont like the story lines then turn your channel and get a life! U all are so quick to judge others I bet if we open your closet there are some skeletons and secrets in there. STOP Being such prudes and grow up and live life accepting everyone as equal. IF you are Gay Haters: Why you so worried about what others do and judging what others do in their life if you had a life of your own you wouldnt have to be worrying about others. Apparently you have an issue with your own sexuality to be so worried about Homosexuality, FOR all you HOMOPHOBS! ITs ok come out of the closet!

  31. I’ve watched Days since the 1960′s and appreciate the way they write current events into their story lines now. For some of you that claim you are Christians, you should learn tolerance and acceptance of all Gods children, otherwise you’re no better than some of the intolerant radical, religious extremists our military are having to fight in the middle east. Hate is hate, whether it be against gays, another religion or race. Live your life without judging others, lest you arriving in heaven to be turned away for YOUR treatment of fellow human beings!

  32. Wow I’ve been watching DOL for many years and as being a gay man in a state that frowns on anything or anyone being different,I love the storyline. You have gone through so much of the same different feelings we as gay men and woman go through before we quit pretending to ourselfs that we might not be gay if we try to think straight. The writers have done there homework and you are doing a great job. keep up the great acting

  33. I would hope as a mother that I would not be so judgemental if my daughter said she were gay. I attend Church on Sunday. I am actively involved in my Church. However, I have issues with the Christian community who are so quick to judge. I personally think we shouldn’t condemn, judge make comments on something that we don’t understand. I have gay and straight friends. One of my favorite people from Church came out and admitted that they were gay. Family members love this person however they “don’t accept the lifestyle that this person has chosen”. How can you be non-accepting when you have never walked in their shoes. How can anyone possibly know how they feel, what makes them gay, straight or bi unless they themselves have been there. Gay people don’t pretend to know how straight people feel… why do straight people think they know anything about being gay?

  34. To Sandra, I am a Christian too, but the fact is 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, the word homosexual is not in the original King James version, it replaced the word effiminate in newer bibles. Why this was done, I don’t know, expecailly since effiminate says soft, with feminine qualities. A definition for effiminate is not homosexual. A straight man can have soft or feminine qualities. But we do still make a bigger deal out of gays, than any thing straight people do that is wrong, when are we going to stop that. Kudos, to Days of Our Lives for this story line.

  35. June 8th, 2012 at 1:02 pm
    soleowner says:

    My Mom was the same age as “Alice Horton” she is NOT rolling over in her grave because her grandson is gay….in fact she wrote a poem about it called “He Made Us All”

    God made us all. The thin,The fat, the big, the small, He made us all.

    He made us bad. He made us good. All of us, he understood.

    He made us b lack, He made us white. He made us all colors. A precious sight.

    He made us gay. He made us straight. and in this sight we ALL are great!

    Who are we to say he erred? For God is God, The Great I am. If we don’t love will we be spared?

    In this huge cauldron that we call life
    We must live in love or we’ll die in strife.

    Virginia H. Donnelly (1914 – 2001)

    The only comment I have about the story of the coming out of Will, which I feel has been handled wonderfully, is that as a Mom, the first emotions include “I was so looking forward to having you again in a grandbaby” and being terrified that something bad would happen just because of being gay!! Being gay is not a choice you make, it is the choice God made for you because he needed you to be special and do good works that straight people don’t seem to make the time for.

  36. The only problem I have with the writing of Will as being gay is that it doesn’t seem to fit with the character they portrayed up until, back when Will was played by other actors. It seemed like a shift and it wasn’t believable. Like you could tell the writing was bad and it felt forced. I was fine when they brought in a new character (don’t recall his name) and he was gay. But I didn’t like them writing Will as gay. It would be the same thing if they had suddenly allowed Will (of Will and Grace) to fall in love with Grace and turn hetero. It just wouldn’t have felt right and neither does this. But to all the Bible thumpers–puleezeeee!!!

  37. I have watched Days of Our Lives since the begining Of Jack and Jennifer’s courtship and I have loved it ever since I wish I could remember the scenes where Jack told Jennifer he was gay! And I wish I could remember that storyline!! Cause I knew it was funny!! And now we have the storyline of Will and Sonny and this an interesting way of starting Will’s interactioning

    , with other gays and I really liked the other axtor who potrays the ardent homophobe who has it in for Sonny, and I hope to see more of the trouble concerning Will and his date Sonny and the homophobe ineraction
    r it, But I love the storyline

  38. And I want to commend the writer’s for doing a great job with Chandler Massey’s role on days!! And I would like to respond to Kim: I have been a Christian for most of my life and I w!ould like to say, that I hope and pray that I will never sit foot in you church! Because I will not be in a church thsays if you are gay, then you are a sinner, and you can’t be saved! I think that when you come out that you are not doing it as a “lark” you are doing it because no one can help who the are! So too all of the homophome. I say if you don’t like it, then turn the channel! Don’t write terrible things about gay, becase I support I support all of the gays,or lesibians as well!!!

  39. I have been a DOOL fan for almost 30 years now. There have been a lot of story lines come and go and repeat over and over throughout those years. The death and resurrection of Stepheno Demira and the countless multitudes of baby switching and kidnapping story lines does not compare to the realistic and unfortunate storyline that Will Horton is playing. It takes guts for them to finally touch on something that is very real and happening in the world today. I have seen Will grow throughout the years and to me he has always been the same Will that we have all grown to love and admire. It’s a nice change for once to see a storyline that is believable and very well could reflect any of our lives today. I for one applaud DOOL for what they have done and hope they continue on the more believable storylines like this one instead of the continuous resurrection of someone that has died 20+ times.

  40. Though I have nothing against gay people or a kiss between them the scene a few days ago with Will kissing over and over and starting to undress made me want to puke. I feel the same way about any couple gay or straight .. Who really wants to see that crap ! If I wanted to see all that I’d go to a porn site ! The writers are going to far. Many of my friends said the same thing.

  41. And yet, you probably don’t write in whenever you see a straight couple doing that on TV though, do you?

  42. Hey Shar. I have a magical solution to your problem. It’s the channel changer button on your remote. If that doesn’t work, pull the power cord on your TV. Guaranteed to fix the problem. And please feel free to share this information with the friends you mention above.

  43. Too bad he is not gay in real life.

  44. Oh my gosh, how those critical of the kissing scenes of Will and Sony or of the story line itself justifies watching a Soap Opera to begin with is a mystery to me. Let’s see Sami has 2 different baby daddies, Chloe didn’t know who the father of her baby was, EJ is a rapist, has attempted murder, adulterer, fornicator, Marlana cheated on Roman with John, could go on and on. The Bible doesn’t put sin in an order of severity. If you go by the Bible Sin is Sin. I would venture to guess that most of you so called Christians on here, if you were to analyze yourselves, you more than likely have had sex before marriage, lied on your taxes, coveted another man’s possesions, and or wife, disrespected your parents, lied to your boss, over ate (glutony), over drank (drunkeness) etc etc. Stop hiding behind the Christian Curtain to justify your homophobia

  45. Will is not the first gay character on DOOL… the late 70′s or early 80′s (can’t remember exactly when), there was a female character who was in love with Julie…..but personally, as a straight woman, I can’t see how anyone can “indulge” with so much abandonment…….really good actors .

  46. The title of the TV show “Days of Our Lives” understandably must universally speak for itself. It would be a bias show if the storyline will always portray the lives of so-called straight men and women!

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