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Chad Allen raises $13,000 for people living with HIV/AIDS by completing his first marathon – in Australia!

Chad Allen posted this on Facebook earlier today and I share it with you now because it’s an amazing accomplishment!

Writes Chad: A week and a half ago, many of you helped me fulfill a dream of going to Australia and running my first marathon. In the process you donated over $13,000.00 to help people you don’t even know who struggle to live with HIV/AIDS to obtain medications and other living essentials. You amaze me. I’ve tried my best to thank all of you individually as you gave. I hope I was successful. If I was not please know of my immense gratitude. The race was hard but it was also extraordinary. I will be back to run for those who can’t in the future. Promise. So much love gang!



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  1. October 2nd, 2014 at 6:57 pm
    DJ Kitty Boo says:

    Chad Allen is such an inspiration and always has been since he was younger. He was talented and of course my 42 year old self, had a bit of a thing for him during ‘Our House’, he was young and so was I and it was OK, that I had a major crush on him.
    He remained humble and reserved when the media was always questioning him about his sexuality a few years back but he never seemed ashamed of who he really was; a Leader, a Hero and a man among most men.
    Chad is an example of a child star, who grew up into a few young man and didn’t have all the public drama and battles that many of his fellow actors and actresses would face publicly.
    Chad quietly works but stays giving to charity and doing all he can’t to help many organization. The best part is Chad still keeps his dignity in check and his private life, private.
    I’m so thankful for entertainers like Chad Allen, who are humble but still shine like the stars that they are.
    That cute but complicated boy on ‘Our House’, is now this incredibly handsome man, with a rocking body (I saw other pictures of him running, HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA), who took time out of his busy life, to help people less fortunate. He must know that means so much not only to the people that he helped, which is so AWESOME but to everyone on this planet and beyond. God Bless this beautiful man, Mr. Chad Allen.
    Lets pray that many more entertainers come out of their shells and do something of that magnitude for someone other than themselves and their careers. I XOXO CHAD ALLEN, future baby’s daddy…….:)

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