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Celeb Tweets: “Liz and Dick” edition

Lance Bass Lance Bass ‏@LanceBass
Is it sad that I just ran thru the airport like I was in Home Alone just so I don’t miss much of #LizandDick?

BD WONG BD WONG ‏@BD_WONG This. Liz. &. Dick. Is. UMbelievable! Picture the Mona Lisa. OK got it? Now take a razor and carefully cut out her eyes. It’s like that!
Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin ‏@kathygriffin Clearly Dead Liz & Dick are being interviewed by a Dead Interviewer offscreen or maybe it’s…GOD!

Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin ‏@kathygriffin Lindsay/Liz jewelry store scene = awkward.

Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin ‏@kathygriffin “I’m BORED” says Lindsay/Liz. Well I’m NOT. However @JaiRodriguez says that line is his new ringtone.

Lance Bass Lance Bass ‏@LanceBass @kathygriffin has written two years worth of material for her next shows- and it’s only half over!
Alec Mapa Alec Mapa ‏@AlecMapa It’s Lindsay Lohan dressed as Elizabeth Taylor . I have no idea what she’s playing.
Bryce Johnson Bryce Johnson ‏@BryceOJohnson #LizandDick I am witnessing the greatest storytelling my television has ever shown me!
Peter Paige Peter Paige ‏@ThePeterPaige I made it through nine minutes of LIZ & DICK.
Alan Cumming Alan Cumming ‏@Alancumming Judging by my twitter feed, I might be the only self-respecting queer not to have seen Liz and Dick. How was it? Really. #tvscaresme

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3 Remarks

  1. Lindsay as Elizabeth? I wouldn’t insult her memory by even seeing the film.

  2. It was horrible…..just lohan in eye makeup….all that money gone down the drain…

  3. I flipped over to watch about 30 seconds and then had to look away. I knew it would be awful, but, most all, I still am horrifed that this movie was ever made and washed-up Lohan portrayed Elizebeth Taylor, one of the most gorgeous women ever. A tragedy in film making.

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