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Celeb Instagram: Clinton & Obama Edition

Hello, Instagram! It's President Obama. Really! I'm excited to hit the trail with Hillary today in Charlotte, and I'm taking over her account to share a few thoughts with you about the stakes in this race, and why I think she'd make a great president. So I hope you'll follow along. I'm feeling pretty fired up. -bo

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I've gotten to know Hillary really well since our primary race back in 2008. Not only did she impress me during that campaign, but when it was over, I was struck by how willing she was willing to move past any rivalry we had and serve our country as my secretary of state. From fighting for human rights, to promoting democracy, to working tirelessly to avoid conflicts through diplomacy, Hillary represented the interests of the American people around the world with incredible poise and a steady hand. I couldn't be prouder of the job she did. -bo

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I came down to Charlotte today because I believe in Hillary, and I'm asking you to have her back in November. This election isn't really a choice between left and right or Democrat and Republican. This is a choice between whether we're going to cling to some imaginary past or move into the future. This is about whether we have an America that works for everybody, or just those at the top. Hillary's been fighting this fight for years—fighting for working families and kids, and fighting to make sure everybody in this country has a fair shot. (And she's got the scars to prove it!) She believes that America's future is ours to shape, and she's got what it takes to lead us forward. She understands that we make our own destiny, and we're always strongest when we stand together. I couldn't agree more. And that's why I'm with her. -bo

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There's a common thread that runs through Hillary's career, and it's her focus on making a real difference in people's lives. Whether it was working at the Children's Defense Fund right out of law school, helping to get health care for 8 million kids in the 1990s or for 9/11 first responders in the senate, she set goals and worked hard to get the job done. I'm confident she'll work every day to cut through the gridlock we see in Washington to make life better for all of us. -bo

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I could talk about Hillary's grit, determination, and intelligence all day, but I want to make one final point: she's also fun to work with! We may have been opponents back in 2008, but when I asked her to serve as secretary of state, she stepped up, and over the past 8 years we've become good friends as well as allies. She's always willing to hear anyone out and find common ground. That's why she's been able to get so much done over the years (and why you see Republicans saying nice things about her, when it isn't a campaign year). I know she has what it takes not just to lead this country, but to move us forward. I'm looking forward to seeing everything that she accomplishes as our next president, and seeing the effect her presidency will have on the next generation of young women, like my own daughters, who will know that anything they dream of being, they can be. So let's get to work. See you out on the trail. -bo

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