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Cast of “The Middle” and Debbie Gibson take in hilarious “Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas”

I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched Chico’s Angels perform over the years but, honestly, I think they are simply better than ever.

Last night, I attended a performance of Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas at the Cavern Theatre in Silverlake and found myself seated directly behind Patricia Heaton and other cast members from ABC’s The Middle including Neil Flynn, Brock Ciarlelli (it was his 21st birthday!), and Jen Ray.

They were there to support Natalie Lander who was terrific in the show as the Love Boat cruise director and a few other roles, Lander has the recurring role of Debbie on The Middle.

And speaking of Debbie’s, in the front row was the multi-talented singer and actress Debbie Gibson who looked amazing and who I chatted with during intermission.

(George Lopez took in the show earlier this summer and I’m told is still sending people the see it).

Anyway, the Angels – Frieda Laye, Kay Sedia and Chita Patrol – are back on The Love Boat for this show. The last time they were on the high seas Charo was on board with them. This time, Kay is impersonating Charo (hilariously) in order to catch her would-be assassin.

It’s funny stuff from start to finish with each of the leads getting a chance to shine and do what they do best. Their chemistry and their timing and their magic together is a joy to see.

I would catch a glimpse of Miss Heaton, a two-time Emmy winner who has been on two hugely successful hit sitcoms, and she was simply laughing her head off. After the show, she greeted the “girls” with such warmth and enthusiasm.

Yes, I know she’s a Republican but she’s not an anti-gay Republican and I wish we had more of those!

The show, which runs through August 17, almost always sells out so if you want tickets, snatch ‘em up now! Here is a LINK.

COMING UP: My chat with the show’s hunk, Duke Shoman!



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