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Carl Radke of “Summer House” feels ‘Betrayed’ by costar who outed his sexual experience with a man

Okay, full disclosure here.

I have never watched Bravo’s Summer House and never heard of Carl Radke. But suddenly I’m interested because in the final seconds of Monday night’s episode, Stephen McGee dropped a major bomb about his fellow cast member.

“You said to me, sitting on a couch right next to me, that the best head you ever got was from a guy,” said McGee, 27.

Radke, 32, appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen directly following the episode and addressed McGee’s allegation.

“I can tell you this, Andy: I’m a straight man — very confident in my sexuality,” he said. “Stephen is actually one of my first gay friends. I told him something — yeah, I didn’t really know how to communicate it to him, and I made more of a joke than I should have — but I told him very private information about something happening to me when I was 22. It took me 10 years to actually come to grips [with it] and share it with someone.”

“I shared it with one of my gay friends, and somehow that got permeated to other people finding out, and here I am, having a conversation about it,” he continued. “Honestly, I felt like he betrayed my trust. You guys will have to tune in next week and see how it all unfolds — but I’m a straight guy, very confident in myself, and unfortunately crazy s— happens to guys sometimes.”



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2 Remarks

  1. Hi Carl, A good opportunity to man up and find the humor here. Your opinion on head is amusing but not authoritative and I doubt if you will be called to testify in any litigation or scientific journal. Goes to show everybody enjoys sex in general. I am also confident you are not only straight and likeable but open and tolerant. Good for you!

  2. Yeah, who would’ve guessed that if you tell a gossiping gay friend (I mean, if he was your friend you may have had some slight hint that he had a big mouth, isn’t it?) with such a “secret”, he would “betray” your trust revealing what you didn’t never really want to be known, giving that you are a 100% straight. If only people were in real life as gullible as in the soap operas (I mean, there are people out there that are that gullible). But I guess some people play “harder to catch” (or harder to pay, depending on the job…) when “being” 100% straight. I guess some people may want to be next “the best head” given the revelation of such secret information; it will take some convincing to have such an opportunity. And I don’t mean bitcoins.

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