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Caitlyn Jenner tells Seth Meyers that Donald Trump is ‘toxic’ when it comes to LGBT issues

If you are sick of Caitlyn Jenner I get it.

But I’m going to report on her media appearances here and there if they seem newsworthy. I welcome comments positive and negative but just hope for something more thoughtful than ‘who cares?’ or ‘please ignore her.’

Jenner appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to promote her book and called Donald Trump ‘toxic’ when it comes to LGBT issues.

She voted for Trump last November but became disenchanted when Trump’s administration rescinded federal guidelines designed to protect transgender students in school.

Jenner says she’s past the point where she could or would meet Trump to play golf and discuss the issues.

‘First of all, I don’t think he wants to get beat by a 67-year-old trams woman. The man has an ego.’

But there’s a bigger reason: ‘He’s toxic. I would get destroyed by the media if I did that.’

Still, Jenner says she would talk to Trump in private ‘and I would say why the hell did you repeal that thing? There’s so many bigger issues, more important things that you should be doing right now – not take away rights from the LGBT community. That’s ridiculous.’

In attempting to explain how a transgender woman could be a part of such an anti-trans political party Jenner said: ‘I’m not a one issue voter and obviously I know – I’m not stupid – the Republican party does not do a good job when it comes to equality and the entire LGBT community. The Democrats are better there.’

Jenner goes on to explain that she’s conservative ‘and I believe in little things like the constitution and freedom.’

But ‘as far as LGBT issues, I gotta keep an eye on these people. … My loyalty is not with Donald Trump. My loyalty is not with the Republican Party. My loyalty is with my community and I will fight for this community.’

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4 Remarks

  1. So Democrats are against the constitution and freedom even though the democrats are the ones that actually fight for transgender rights that you go around the nation speaking about and wanting so desperately. I sincerely do not get Caitlyn Jenner, she is purposely trying to persuade people to vote for a party that is against them. If Mike Pence ran for president she would be campaigning for gays and trans to vote for him. Caitlyn Jenner is extremely harmful to the LGBT Community, trying to convince trans and gays nation wide to vote conservative.

  2. Until she admits in public how wrong she was and admits her role in enabling trump the monster she gets nothing no forgiveness. Less than zero. Negative zero x 5,000,000,00.

  3. Caitlyn Jenner is a media whore…she is in this to make money and to further whatever “career” she doesn’t have. She is simply ridiculous. She supported Trump and knew very well what his thoughts were on LGBT people. And anyone who didn’t know what Mike Pence was about is either dead or living in a cave. She is totally disingenuous and merely spouts whatever will make her “look good”. The idea that she is somehow shocked by the Trump administration’s anti gay and anti trans beliefs just makes her look more and more ridiculous. Frankly, I think she doesn’t have a brain in her head and that is the problem. She’s a one trick pony and a lousy one at that.

  4. As I said a long time ago, *gag* and *upchuck.* And it has nothing to do with her sex change. Between her, all the Lizard Sisters (the Kardashians), and Kanye West, there isn’t half a brain between them. They will literally do anything for money. Jenny Jenner does not represent the gay community whatsoever. In fact, she causes more harm than good. She’s also a damn moron with the way she votes and thinks. I can’t stand any of these people and wish they’d all just go away and shut up. E! Network (thanks Ryan Seacrest) now is giving a show to Kylie Jenner. ENOUGH ALREADY! Decent people want nothing to do with any of their bullshit. It galls me every time Jenner says “my people.” Honey, your “people” are rich assholes and you care nothing for the common gay person. You are sure doing a bang-up job at selling your b.s. book though. Can’t wait till your press junket is over, your book flops, Kylie’s show flops, and Ryan Seacrest gets a lobotomy.

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