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“Burning Blue” about between two Navy fighter pilots during DADT era in theaters and on VOD today

The folks marketing the gay-themed military drama Burning Blue certainly know how to get my attention: they sent over a bunch of stills of the movie’s hot leading men.

They’ve also sent over some clips to show that this is a movie, out in select theaters and on VOD today, about more than eye candy.

Originally an acclaimed Off-Broadway play, the story centers on the relationship between two Navy fighter pilots during the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era. The romantic drama is now a film directed and co-written by DMW Greer, who wrote the original play.

After a series of fatal accidents, a close-knit squadron of male Navy pilots begins to splinter—and becomes the focus of a criminal investigation. As a government agent digs to uncover the cause of the accidents, two of the pilots engage in a secret, forbidden relationship. Their affair is exposed…and the squadron is engulfed by an incendiary scandal that will challenge each pilot’s notions of friendship, love, honor and courage.

I’m sold! Gotta see it!



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4 Remarks

  1. June 6th, 2014 at 9:35 am
    K. Martinez says:

    Watching the clips you’ve provided, this movie looks really bad. The dialog is pretty laughable and good looking men alone aren’t enough to get me into the theater. I’ll pass.

  2. I’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD.


  3. I saw this play in its initial production in London, back in 1995. It was well received, and well acted,…and very much “of its time.” It didn’t do well on B’way,…and I don’t think that it might translate to a popular film to today’s audiences. I congratulate DMW Greer for believing in his play, and finally seeing it on the screen.
    ( Incidentally,…I Loved the show in London, and was haunted by it for weeks afterwards. Very handsome actors in it, too.)

  4. June 7th, 2014 at 7:27 am
    Dan Frommherz says:

    Will be watching for a release date on DVD. Have not seen any of our theaters in this area (Eugene, Oregon) for the film to be played in one of them here. Greg please keep us posted of you hear of a release date Thanks.

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