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Broadway’s Nick Adams says he was denied entrance to Turtle Bay club in NYC because he is gay

This makes my blood boil.

First of all, I think the world of Nick Adams and love how he shares his life with his many fans. I met him last year and he could not have been nicer and sent me a kind note after I posted our interview. Nick is a bit of a blogger himself and wrote of a disturbing incident that happened to him and his boyfriend when they tried to enter a club.

The idiot working the door has given the club a well-deserved PR nightmare. Here is Nick’s account:

So this past week, at a friend’s suggestion, I attempted to attend Turtle Bay on the eastside of Manhattan. It’s a standard bar with cheap drink specials, so I thought I would check it out along with my boy friend and my best friend.

As I approached the door, the bouncer looked me up and down, looked at my boyfriend then smirked and refused us entry to the bar. When asked why we couldn’t go in he said it was because we were wearing white shirts and gave a laugh. We moved out of line, then watched a group of straight guys in white tshirts enter the bar. I was furious and decided not to cause a
scene but to Twitter and facebook about it instead.

Well… Thanks to my loyal fans and followers… Tons of people reposted and voiced their complaints to turtle bay. I received an email from the head of PR from the bar expressing their apologies for the “misconception.” I understand she was doing her job and being polite, but she tried to spin it so Turtle Bay came out in a positive light.

Bottom line, I was discriminated against. I will not give my business to Turtle Bay and I urge you to do the same. This womans attempt to brush this aside as a misunderstanding is disingenuous at best if not hurtful and offensive to myself and the gay community of New York City.

If they are serious about remedying the situation, they would immediately remove the bouncer as an employee of the establishment. Thank you to all my friends, fans and followers who came together in support.

They screwed with the wrong gay.

The general manager, Thomas [I do not have his last name], posted comments to Nick’s blog: I am the general manager of the establishment. There is absolutely no chance what so ever that you, or anyone, where turned away because you were gay. I am at the door for several hours per night and we NEVER allow white Tees in. At least ten times per night people come back telling us they just bought a five dollar black, or blue or any other colored tee shirt from walgreens, just so they could get in. I am sorry that the bouncer smirked. Trust me that is a tough job out there and none of us would want it…it sounds like he was unfortunately a bit arrogant and I WILL question him on that. I am not accusing Mr. Adams of lying, but he is 100% mistaken. I am uspet with all the rush to judgement on this and I have no problem calling these allegations ignorant, irresponsible and flat out wrong…. I respect all of your loyalty to your friend as well as your influence but I won’t sit back and allow false accusations to be made against our establishment without responding, as I am sure you wouldn’t. It is not my intention to be confrontational but I’m speaking from the heart and not giving you a prepared statement. Turtle bay would NEVER deny entry to ANYONE because they are gay.

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3 Remarks

  1. I believe Nick. But the real question here is why would anyone want to go to a bar that doesn’t allow you to wear a white t-shirt?! How dumb. I’m glad most gay bars don’t have such ridiculous dress codes. And LOL to the fact that they prefer $5 colored shirts from Walgreen’s. I bet the bouncer was jealous of how hot Nick looked in his white T. Team Nick.

  2. I agree with you, not only do the bouncers discriminate against gay people (probably because he liked you) but they discriminate against women like myself apparently if the bouncer hits on you and you dont give in you get thrown out, the bouncers are rude adolecent pigs in Turtle Bay I would never recommend anyone I know to go there. Good for you for bringing their true ugly colors to light.

  3. Please DO NOT frequate Turtle Bay. Find a better bar, trust me…you won’t have to look far.

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