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Broadway actor Matt Doyle’s deeply personal words of advice and comfort for victims of bullying

Matt Doyle, a talemted young actor who starred on Broadway in Bye Bye Birdie and played Eric van der Woddsen’s boyfriend on Gossip Girl, has shared a deeply personal story on his blog that I hope will be widely read.

Here are some excerpts:

Today, I witnessed something that broke my heart. Every day, I walk by the many kids that go school here in Midtown Manhattan. I see bullying and name calling all the time. For the most part, it seems relatively harmless, especially when the kid being picked on can fight back a bit. I usually roll my eyes and keep walking, avoiding the after school energy of these 13 and 14 year olds. Today, however, I witnessed bullying of a different kind. The kind that churns your stomach and makes your truly angry. I was walking out of my building when I saw a group of boys throwing around and singling out another boy. When the victim tried to walk away, one of the others spat at him and called him a “faggot.” I yelled to the kids the only thing that could come to my mind, “Don’t use that word. Back off!” I wish these words had helped the situation, but the poor boy who had been harassed seemed to be more embarrassed than before. The look on his face hasn’t really left me since that moment.

Perhaps the main reason I was so deeply affected by what I saw today is because of what I went through in my own childhood. Believe me, I’m not writing any of this for pity or for reassurance. :) It was a long time ago and I’m doing fine now! But for anyone reading this blog that has either been a victim of bullying or has ever bullied someone else, I feel the need to write a bit of my own experiences.

When I moved to San Francisco, I was 12 years old. I left behind many friends and a huge public school to move into a much smaller community. Much smaller. There were 12 other boys in my grade. All of them had known each other since kindergarten. The situation was hardly ideal. … They were cruel in ways I didn’t think were possible beyond the text of a bad teen movie. I never once heard my name, only the words “faggot”, and “bitch.” I was beaten up regularly. Once, I left class to get a drink of water, only to be beaten out-cold with a text book by a class mate of mine. Over the years at this particular school, I withdrew from everyone around me including my family. No one could help. If I tried to be like them, I was a “poser.” I remember I bought a pair of baggy Jenco jeans and skateboard. My classmates laughed at the jeans and stole the skateboard. If anyone tried to help me, I was made fun of for needing the help. The sad part was, most of the time, no one helped. The day I hit rock bottom was when a group of boys continuously spat on me in front of my PE teacher. The teacher chose to blatantly ignore it, the more disgusting the behavior became.

When you’re 13 and you truly believe that there is nothing you can do to be happy, it’s a very scary place.

If you’re someone who is dealing with this kind of harassment and is wondering if it will ever go away, know that it will. This is just one moment of your life. Own whatever “quirky” or “strange” traits you may have. I promise you will be so much happier for it.



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22 Remarks

  1. Matt was also in the off Broadway production of ‘bare: a pop opera’, honestly I think bullies should be gagged and forced to watch ‘bare’ until they get the message.

    I saw ‘bare’ in it’s LA run, and I watched the superb Jenna Leigh Green devastate three boys sitting in the front row. It was that moving of a show.

    Just to date this, the hot topic of conversation in line waiting to get in for the show was ‘Hanging Chads’. The second time I made the trip to LA to see it again, I swear Marcia Cross sat in the seat across the aisle from me.

  2. Unfortunately, Mr Doyle is a part of a video called the Audition, officially a part of the Rock of Ages Production’s videos on Youtube. This video uses the mentally challenged in a demeaning and insensitive way as the punchline for the joke of the video. Although the video also pokes fun at homosexuals and victims of molestation, there is a obviously sharp and grotesque change in tone when the video attacks the mentally challenged. Mr. Wesley Taylor, (Mr. Doyle’s partner,the writer and principle performer in the “skit”) does an impression that is so offensive, it can only mean to offend. Anyone who has spoken out about the offensive nature of the video has seen their comments deleted, themselves banned, been insulted by members of the cast or just ignored. Initially, after seeing the pain the video was causing, Mr. Taylor issued an apology and took the video down.

    Nothing was said until two weeks later when they put the video back up with full knowledge of a pain it had and continues to cause within the Broadway fan community. On various Broadway Communities, fans are fighting about whether it is acceptable to mock the mentally challenged, whether it is acceptable to use the word “faggot” to describe homosexuals if you are not gay, and most recently whether or not fat people should be included in a list of those commonly targeted for bullying because they can control what they are being bullied about. (It has even been alleged that Matt posted the “fat” comments on an anonymous post to change what the discussion was about.) All of this anger and intolerance because they chose to put this hateful video up for public view, not once but twice.

    It is also important to note the video was put up during the vote for marriage equality in New York. When it failed, people said they were glad because of the video. The same reaction occurred with the vote in New Jersey. People stated they were not going to donate to Broadway Charities because the video was sponsored by Rock of Ages and the cast was full of Broadway performers.

    As a gay man, I do not want Mr. Doyle’s limited views of tolerance and acceptance to represent the community, because I’m not really sure he comprehends what those words mean. I do not believe he should be praised for words that are not backed up by up his actions. I thank you for your time.

  3. Dear Eric B.,

    Maybe you didn’t see the same video I saw. This has been talked about for ages, and frankly, I’m tired of it. Yes, there were jokes about mentally handicapped people, gays, molestation victims, etc. Because it was intended to be FUNNY. Do you cry outrage whenever you hear an inappropriate joke from a stand up comic? If so, I applaud you. But if not, then take a break from the soap box. For one, Matt Doyle was in it for all of five seconds, and for two, the point, which you so obviously missed, was not to make fun of the people Mr. Taylor was imitating, but rather of the fact that the CHARACTER was an idiot!

    Maybe it was offensive to some, but I’m sure most people didn’t give a damn. And how dare you call Matt Doyle’s views on tolerance limited. Have you ever met him? I highly doubt it, because if you had, like I have, on a few occasions, you would realize how kind, sweet, and genuinely nice he is. He posted a blog, on HIS OWN WEBSITE, to discuss HIS OWN THOUGHTS. Are you telling me that never in your life have you made a stupid joke? Or laughed at one? Can you honestly tell me that?

    Matt’s post on his blog is just one example of many of what he truly is as a person–a kind, generous, and beautiful soul who uses his popularity and fame for a good cause.

    You even say in your own comment that an apology was issued. An apology, I might add, was sincere and heartfelt. I can only imagine what you would say if he hadn’t issued an apology.

    Matt Doyle is a fine citizen, and an upstanding member of his community, and I am proud to call myself a member of the same community. It is people like Matt Doyle who make this world a brighter place, and it is people like you who find every little fault that make everyone else want to give up.

    No one’s perfect, including Matt Doyle. But at least he’s trying to do the right thing.


    Michael R. Stratton

    PS–referring to the alleged “fat” comments anonymously posted by Matt…where’s your proof? if you’re going to go and accuse someone, especially a person in the public eye, you really should have proof and evidence. I don’t care what TMZ says or pays for.

  4. Maybe I see the video with more clarity than you because I have been the punchline and the punching bag my whole life. I am not a patron of comics or any of the movies people find hilarious because I find them damaging to the soul of the country. It’s not too much of a leap from feeling the pain of being a punchline to recognizing it in others. The writer of this skit and the performers in it put up a video that attacked the mentally challenged with a much greater intensity than the others. They knew what the joke was and they agreed to be a part of it because they were a part of it. It is always clear to us what causes us pain. It takes actual tolerance to care about the pain of others.

    I’ve met Matt Doyle at private functions, but I do not know him personally. The video is my evidence that he is intolerant of other minorities. I know people still laugh at and judge homosexuals as “less than”…because I still have to call my partner of 13 years my partner instead of my husband. I would love to be able to do that. To be equal and truly free. It is intolerance that keeps us where we are. I will not accept that …”maybe it was offensive to some,” because I don’t want anyone to blow off things that are offensive to me.

    They also censor the comments of the people who find the video offensive, as I’ve already said. If you are proud of the skit, you should accept people’s reactions to it. They censored my comment without comment or consideration. No one will ever know how many people are being hurt by the video and have had their comments deleted.

    I stand by my statement. I will never agree that Matt Doyle should be a role model for tolerance as long as he is intolerant. He’s not qualified and I need no more evidence than the video and his behavior since the video was posted for public view. I will say that there was not a single negative word being said about the people involved in the video, gay people or the mentally retarded in the two weeks that they video was down. I’ll challenge the facts of “The Audition video has been removed. Sorry we meant no offense,” being heartfelt and sincere apology, since the video was put back up. Apparently you actually do know them since you have that much insight into a few words on a computer screen, so could you please tell them to make all of the drama irrelevant by removing the offensive video.

  5. Sheesh. Look, I don’t know how to say this any other way, but, if you actually read Matt’s entire blog post about the bullying, you’d know that he, too, was a punching bag. And for some people, it’s easier to laugh at themselves (which is what I felt the video was really about), than to just wallow in self pity.

    Just because he appeared in a video (again, for five seconds or so) that made those jokes DOES NOT MEAN HE IS INTOLERANT OF OTHER MINORITIES. That’s the point I was trying to make, which you seem to have glossed over in reading my comment. You do realize that Matt and Wesley Taylor are both of the same minority group that you are, right?

    All I’m saying is that maybe you’re reading too much into the jokes and they don’t necessarily mean what you thought/felt they meant. And as for asking them to remove the video, no. I won’t do that. I never said I knew them well. I only said I’ve met Matt on several occasions and he was very kind and sweet. But even if I did know them well, I still wouldn’t ask them to take it down because it’s their right as Americans. It’s called Free Speech–the same Free Speech that allows you your opinion, and me mine.

    And it’s their right to censor any opinions or comments they deem necessary or prudent. Think about it. If you posted a video, or comment, that someone else didn’t agree with (like your original one here, for instance), and someone commented negatively against it, or against you, and you had the authority/power/ability to censor a comment, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. It’s your purview, just as it’s their’s.

    either way, I’m probably not gonna comment again, because I realize I’m not gonna be able to change your mind, just like I’m sure you won’t be able to change mine. So, good on you for sticking to your guns. I’m just sorry we had to agree to disagree.


    PS-You’re not the only one whose been a punching bag or the object of ridicule his whole life. I have, too, but I’ve also learned from those experiences and grown as a human being because of them. I would not be the compassionate person I am today without the aide of all those bullies who tortured me when I was a kid. Not that I’d ever truly thank them, but I certainly wouldn’t change my childhood. Because if I did, who knows what kind of person I’d be today?

  6. It is their right to make a crude video making fun of a group of people that have no way to fight for themselves. It is also their right to censor and block anyone’s comments that do not tell them they are hilarious. It is Matt Doyle’s right to write a hypocritical blog about tolerance when he is intolerant and again censor and ignore any comments he wants to. It is Matt Doyle’s right to walk by when he sees other forms of bullying and only stop when the bullies use a word that offends him. It is also the right of everyone else to use any demeaning word they choose to or perform any inflammatory impression they want to, including the ones directed at us. We call them bigots. It is also their right to make gay people the punchline in one of their online skits. There will be any number of people who will find that hilarious. We call them haters. The can censor any comments that call them out on their hate. We would call them narrow-minded. They can then write a blog about tolerance and we would call them hypocrites. If we call them out when THEY do it, we have to call ourselves out as well.

    We can not afford with our basic human rights at stake to shine the spotlight on someone who does not yet fully understand the cause.

    I would like to thank you Mr. Hernandez for allowing me a place to state my opinions without censorship.

  7. hypocritical? jesus fucking christ. what part about the fact that he was in the goddamn video for five seconds do you not get? if anything, you should be directing your comments towards wesley taylor, not matt doyle. and so what if he only stops when he hears a word that PERSONALLY insults him. do you stop at every single instance of someone picking on someone else and get involved? i doubt it. you don’t know if he is intolerant towards people who are mentally challenged. why can’t you get that? it’s like you’re being obtuse on purpose. get a fucking grip. it was made to make fun of actors! the CHARACTER he was playing was a FREAKING IDIOT!! That’s the whole fucking point. just because an actor plays a character (yes, even for a silly video) doesn’t mean that’s how he feels about it.

    Why are you being damn stubborn? i’m all for you spouting your opinion, but i’m sorry, when you call someone hypocritical for something you BARELY know (or in your case, think you know) about them, then i have to call bullshit on you. unless, of course, you’re telling me you’ve NEVER been a hypocrite. EVER. EVEN ONCE. EVEN FOR A SECOND.

    Are you telling me that? Cause if you are, then blow off. I’m tired of responding to your obvious bias against matt and wes, and i’m just gonna say find a sense of humor. for god’s sakes, even some of those who you claim “have no way to fight for themselves” can take a fucking joke. just look at Andrea Fay Friedman, the voice over actress from Family Guy, who aided in making fun of Sarah Palin and her son.

    the world is full of all kinds of assholes, jerkwads, douchebags, and morons, not to mention terrorists, and you’re calling matt doyle a bad person? i’m sorry, but that just makes you uninformed and mean spirited.

  8. So much for keeping this a civil and intelligent argument. There will never be a time that you can convince me that intolerance of any kind is acceptable. I will proudly remain stubborn against hate. It is not a rational thought once you are enlightened to the fact that hate is hate and it is certainly not rational to write a blog about tolerance when you’ve made a video showing that retarded people are funny. Never gonna happen. You can curse at me and accuse me of being “mean-spirited.” You are showing your true colors there.

    My eyes are not blinded by some attraction to these young men and that is why I can see the video for what it is- hate. They did not do this as part of work, they did this for fun and I’m sure they had a lot of fun laughing at the expense of the mentally retarded, just as everyone making a video that slurs and degrades homosexuals laughs at our expense. Whether he was in it for five seconds or all of it, he is responsible for his decision to be a part of an intolerant video FOR FUN.

    The Family Guy repulses me, but at least they have the courage to mock everyone equally. They don’t pull punches when the “humor” is directed at themselves. They hate equally and they are not writing blogs saying that name calling and bullying is wrong. They are not censoring people’s outrage. They are horrible but still better than those who live in the “do as I say not as I do” world

    Actually, the legally mentally retarded which is what this video makes it’s grand, hilarious finale, can’t understand the joke. They chose to pick on people that can’t be in on the joke and can’t stand up for themselves. It is disgusting.

    “the CHARACTER he was playing was a FREAKING IDIOT!!” Quoting you there. My point on that has been made for anyone who does not have a crush because I can’t think of any other reason for a person to claim that intolerance is funny and we should keep walking as others are bullied. So all straight people should keep walking when they see similar incidents against gays. That is where your ~rationality~ gets us- exactly where we are.

    You are correct about one thing. These posts have focused on Matt Doyle and Wesley Taylor, one for writing a hypocritical blog and the other for writing the hateful video. There are others in the video that are equally hateful and they should be named for their intolerance. Here’s is their list of the participants and supporters of this kind of hatred; Wesley Taylor Mitchell Jarvis Lauren Molina Rock of Ages Rock of Ages Productions Van Hughes Andrew Durand Matt Doyle Blake Daniel Adam Chanler Berat Jeremy Jordan Spring Awakening Next to Normal The Addams Family. I would add Bernard Telsey casting. This is an embarrassment to these people, Broadway and the gay community.

  9. i don’t recall ever saying that hate was funny, or intolerance was funny. as for my strong words, i apologize. i wrote that while i was mad about something else and didn’t bother to calm down first.

    but again my point is this–just because someone makes a joke, even a bad, off color joke, about a group of people, doesn’t mean they are intolerant, or they hate that group. i’m saying that in their own personal or professional lives, when have you ever heard or seen either matt doyle or wesley taylor actually say they don’t like mentally retarded people, or think they’re less than they are. i’ve looked, and as far as i can tell, they never have. this video is not meant as a statement of action or a manifesto on how to treat people afflicted as such.

    and since when did they not treat all groups equally? they made fun of actors, and according to you (as well as plenty of others, yes), mentally retarded people, gays, and probably a few more. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the entire video, but i’m pretty sure they made fun of EVERYBODY, not JUST retarded people, and since that’s where you draw your line with the family guy, i believe that maybe you should take a second look.

    as for calling my defense of them a byproduct of an attraction, i don’t see your point. just because i find someone attractive doesn’t mean i’m going to defend them if i think they’re wrong. i simply don’t see it like you do is all i’m saying. a LOT of people don’t. yes, a lot of people do, but a lot of people don’t. i defend matt doyle because he is a decent human being with a big heart, and he cares. he tries. it has nothing to do with how cute he is or anything as trivial as that. he wrote a post about something that affected him deeply and personally, and then someone like you goes and calls bullshit on it. i’m sorry, but to me, that’s mean spirited, even if you do think he’s a hypocrite.

    as for blaming all those people in your last paragraph, you’re really gonna blame spring awakening? and the addams family? and next to normal? and rock of ages? dude, it’s obvious you just copied the tags from YouTube, because in case you weren’t aware, only two cast members from Spring Awakening are involved in this video. to blame an entire show, or production of a show, simply because TWO actors are involved is misleading and unfair. i don’t care how pissed off you are.

    for my final comment, i will say this…you speak of the danger of my “rationality,” but i don’t think you really get where i’m trying to be rational. an irrational person would make a mountain out of a molehill about a subject. i am simply trying to foster a perspective of maybe, just maybe, they didn’t mean to be so offensive. regardless of whether they apologized, or took down the video or not, maybe, just maybe, it didn’t occur to them that what they said was so offensive, until after it was done, and all the comments flooded in.

    and if that was the case, and they left the video up, maybe, just maybe, they had other reasons that we don’t know of. maybe they could be better educated on the mentally retarded, and how those who are sensitive to the subject could perceive this video. maybe you’re the one to do it. but that doesn’t make them hypocrites. it just makes them human.



  10. So, I’m “mean-spirited” for copying and pasting THEIR tags of who supports this video, but “he is a decent human being with a big heart, and he cares. he tries” while being a part of a video that amounts to a very long regurgitation of a “retard” joke? I don’t get it.

    Let’s flip it around. A group of people you are NOT attracted to make the exact same video, with a few changes at the end. Instead of saying, “He’s very gay. (insert mild impression,) His father inappropriately touches him.(insert mild impression)and He’s retarded! He’s a Retard!” (insert offensive impression,) they say, “He’s a little slow. (insert mild impression,)His father inappropriately touches him. (insert mild impression,) He’s a faggot! He’s a fag!(insert offensive impression.) Would you say those people do not have a problem with gay people? Would you be arguing their blog about tolerance should be published nationally or would you be calling them haters and hypocrites or at least, stop for a second and say, “Hey, don’t use that word. Back off!” Same video, different punchline. Different people get offended. Different people feel disrespected. Different people get hurt. If we are so desensitized to what hurts them, we can never expect to have them understand what hurts us. Nothing changes and this blog is just preaching to the choir. I already know the pain of being bullied using the word “faggot.” I know it is not acceptable.

    When the Silence=Death slogan gained prominence, we were not preaching to us. (Yes, I’m stating my age.)We were telling them, we are your teachers, lawyers, doctors, neighbors, favorite actors, etc… You already know us and we are just like you. We can articulate our points and stand firm to who WE are. We can organize to fight intolerance against us. This video offers nothing but laughing AT not WITH the mentally challenged. That IS unacceptable, whether you are desensitized to it or not and it IS affecting the young, impressionable fans of Broadway, who now use “You are a retard” as a ~funny~ response to anything they don’t agree with.

    I would love to discuss this with them, but they deleted my comment, as they deleted the comment before mine. I’m sure those were not the only two comments that were negative and therefore deleted, posted within minutes of each other months after the video was out. Another person stated they made a comment about not liking the video and was blocked by the Rock of Ages Facebook page. The discussion was deleted. If you speak out on the Broadway Internet communities, you are called “retard.” The person who criticized the hypocrisy of the blog has, as of this date, been ignored by Mr. Doyle and called a bully by one fan in response to the comment. Do you have any suggestions as to where and how this enlightenment process is to supposed to happen? They don’t care.

    Basically, I’m glad my opinion is up, but I’m done now. There is no easier way I can explain what is obvious. They made huge mistakes in how they handled the video, the responses to it and basically the whole deal. The video will remain up and the damage will continue to be done and there is nothing I can do about the people who argue that it’s funny to make fun of the mentally challenged, but not us.

    Good luck to you Michael, I hope you get all you want in life. Now I’m going to go write a hypocritical blog about the intolerance of people who cut and paste tags from youtube. (Winks)

  11. My compliments on an excellent, coherent, articulate, right-on-target set of postings, Michael.

    (My own perspective differs a bit from yours: While you are repelled by all offensive language/behavior equally, I tend to APPROVE of all offensive language/behavior equally. But our underlying philosophy is the same — What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.)

    I also admire you for your decision, after half a dozen tries, to give up on Eric B. as a lost cause. He is so wrapped up in the injustices he perceives himself to be subjected to that he just can’t grasp that a member of any other disparaged group can be in the same boat. Try as you may, he is beyond getting it.

  12. dude, i freaking give up. i’ve been trying to point out a rational alternative, even compromising and agreeing with you that the persons involved could use more education about the subject, but you just seem determined to see the not so great things about people.

    well, excuse me for being an optimist. excuse me for looking for the good in people, because that’s what the world really needs. how many times do i have to say that no one’s perfect (certainly not you or I), and that maybe the joke was ill-conceived, but that doesn’t make them bad people, or hypocrites. it makes them human. just like you and me.

    well…at least me. obviously, you’re too high and mighty to accept the fact that some people just aren’t gonna fit your mold of a perfect role model. which, by the way, none of these people ever said they were. they were just having a bit of fun, at several different kinds of people’s expense, and they took it a little too far. okay. it’s been done, it can’t be undone, they’ve apologized (whether you believe it to be sincere or not), and they’ve moved on. WHY. CAN’T. YOU?

    And lastly, i’ve about had it with you going on about me defending people because i might happen to find someone attractive. that has no bearing on the matter. in fact, i have come across people who i found completely unattractive, who did use the word “faggot” in my presence, and i did have the presence of mind to speak up. and when they proceeded to apologize and explain that they’ve always used the word with their own gay friends because their gay friends didn’t care, i said “that’s great. but maybe it’s best you think about what other people’s reactions might be before you go off saying the word out loud.”

    if those same people you hypothesize in a hypothetical video were to write a blog about tolerance, and i felt it was sincere and heartfelt, then yes, i’d defend them, too. because i do believe so much in free speech.

    you ever heard of the westboro baptist church? a bunch of religious zealots who picket the funerals of gay people, and american soldiers? they literally PROTEST a personal’s BURIAL. While I may find it reprehensible and very, very disillusioned, and i have had my fair share to say to them personally, i will still defend their right to freedom of speech, as long as it’s not spewing hate.

    you may argue that this video is full of hate, as some others have. i’m sorry, but just because someone uses a word that others may find offensive, does not mean it’s full of hate. it does not mean that they hate these people. it’s a freaking joke for freaking crying out loud. a bad joke, but a joke.

    i asked a friend of mine who has a mentally challenged little brother who he’s cared for for over twenty years, to watch the video, and tell me what he thought. i didn’t give him any preview or warning, just asked to watch the video and give me his thoughts. you know what he said? literally, “meh. not offensive, just not funny.”

    so, you see, some people see it differently than both you, and i do. that’s the whole point i’ve been trying to make, to no avail, obviously. some people see it differently than you. there’s no need to call someone a bad person or a hypocrite because they made one bad joke (or several, as you seem so apt to point out, although for clarification purposes, i’m referring to the entire video as one joke).

    Hitler was a bad person. An evil person. Stalin was a bad person. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, etc. These are bad people.

    Matt Doyle and Wesley Taylor, as well as all the people associated with the video, are not bad people. They are simply entertainers, who were trying to make people laugh. Obviously, they succeeded with some, and failed with others. Let’s not make a national incident over it, okay?

  13. I am so deeply and categorically offended by your profane response that I can not remain silent as I had hoped. I can only say that I believe your statements are so inflammatory that you are getting what you want from me, but I now see you as so vile, hateful and narrow-minded, that I am left with no alternative.

    You are just as horrid a bigot as those who protest funerals for their cause. They can not see past their own intolerance and neither can you or the writer of this blog. They value no one else and their fight for acceptance and tolerance and neither do you or the writer of this blog. It is only what they think and their cause that is important, the same as you and the writer of this blog. Hatred, mocking, intolerance, bullying, disrespecting, etc…THEM is hunky dory, just don’t say anything bad about us- same thing, different US. You spoke to the wrong person on that one because I was and continue to be actively involved in stopping that bigotry just as I have recently become actively involved in fighting the bigotry of this video and the people behind it that you so vehemently support.

    As for you dredging the bowels of hate and miraculously picking out only people who enjoy killing Jews, I can only imagine that my last name was released to either you or Matt Doyle since I have made no mention of my religion in anything that I have said. “He’s a Jew, throw Hitler into the conversation.” You disgust me and I regret wasting my time talking to you because I believed I was talking to a misguided but decent person, when I was talking to a monster.

    Judging from what you’ve written here, you lack the intelligence to come up with such a subtle attack on me personally, so I’m going to say my name was given to Matt Doyle and he manipulated you into making these inflammatory and grotesque arguments. So apparently you have gotten what you wanted by plastering your name all over the place in support of his right to hate while hypocritically asking for tolerance for us, and that is some personal connection with Matt Doyle. Enjoy it while it lasts because it lacks the same basis in reality as the words contained in his hypocritical blog. You have succeeded only in that you have proven my statements and shown the cancerous growth of the hate you defend. You don’t have to kill Jews to be a bad person. You are a bad person.

    Since you’ll go the same route as you did with your bogus apology before. don’t try to claim to be Jewish in your defense of the hate you just spewed, because JEWS KNOW BETTER!

    And now I really am done because there was no excuse for my email and full name to be released.

  14. um…WHAT THE EFF?!?!

    Dude, you have completely lost it. No one gave me your name. I have no freaking clue who you are as an individual, only as a writer on this website. I’m a monster? My comment is profane? What the fuck are you talking about? I used no profanity in my previous comment, as I sensed it offended you when I’d used it before, but now, you’ve gone batshit crazy.

    I am not a bigot. I take pride in the fact that I care about all people, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religion. I in no way said anything negative about Jews, nor would I ever. I simply used Hitler as a perfect example of a bad, evil person.

    I’m vile?! I’m hateful? I’m narrow-minded?! You’re a freaking idiot! Everything I’ve written on this blog, and in fact, said in my personal life, could be further from what you call me. You don’t know me, dude, so to say that I care for no one else is a gross misjudgment of my character, and an outright lie. I’m all for stopping bigotry. I even agreed with you that the jokes in the video could have been handled better, or maybe not done at all. I AGREED WITH YOU!!!!

    And in case you seem to have forgotten, Hitler didn’t just kill Jews. He killed Catholics, protestants, homosexuals, and pretty much anyone that wasn’t part of his perfect race. This is not a “dredging up the bowels of hate.” It is HISTORICAL FACT!

    And as for your name being released to either me, or Matt Doyle, and then Matt Doyle manipulating me into making those comments…are you off your fucking rocker, dude? Or did you just smoke some really potent shit, because you are fucking paranoid! Dude, not everyone’s out to get you, certainly not me, and certainly not Matt Doyle. We’re not the effing CIA, for Christ’s sake.

    And I apparently lack intelligence in being unable to come up with a subtle attack? Seriously, dude, I never attacked you. I disagreed with you, and stated that as such MANY, MANY TIMES. You are just…I mean, God! The incoherency of your mind when you wrote this just…boggles me. And, uh…I never claimed to be Jewish, nor would I claim to be something I’m not just to curry favor from some guy on the internet. (I really don’t care about you that much, believe it or not.)

    What part of when you wrote your post, and it asks for your email, but it says it will not be published, are you missing? I mean…seriously. If you can’t even bother to READ something correctly, why am I bothering responding to you? Maybe it’s my never ending compassion, or my attempts to come to an understanding, but whatever. I’ve obviously failed, and honestly, you’ve taken it to such a level that I just don’t give a fuck what you think anymore.

  15. I’ve calmed down considerably and I no longer have any anger toward Greg for giving out my name. I now know that the Michael is just so uninformed about reality that he goes to dropping Hitler into a conversation where it has no business being because he is too neurologically impaired to make rational arguments. This is the kind of ridiculous intolerance that is spreading throughout the Broadway Community, the most accepting place in the world where all outcasts go for support and acceptance- formerly.

    Godwin’s Law

    “There are many corollaries to Godwin’s law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself)[3] than others.[1] For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically “lost” whatever debate was in progress. This principle itself is frequently referred to as Godwin’s law. It is considered poor form to raise such a comparison arbitrarily with the motive of ending the thread. There is a widely recognized corollary that any such ulterior-motive invocation of Godwin’s law will be unsuccessful (this is sometimes referred to as “Quirk’s Exception”).” Wikipedia

    Since You, Michael, are incapable of comprehending anything rational, at least understand this. Don’t throw Hitler around. It is offensive and only serves to make it absolutely clear that you are completely ignorant.

    Next, if you want to continue to use the word “rational” in your arguments, you might want to try being rational or at least not to contradict the point you make at the very point that you are trying to make it. For example, you say I can’t make the assumption that they are hypocrites from their public hypocritical actions and yet you are perfectly content to say “he is a decent human being with a big heart, and he cares. he tries” based on two meetings at the stage door and a back stage tour? That makes no sense. The video is more of a representation of their character because they did it on their own time, for fun. He was paid to be a performer when you met him. Yes, I read the uninformed response you wrote on the blog page.

    Second example of your hypocrisy. “you ever heard of the westboro baptist church? a bunch of religious zealots who picket the funerals of gay people, and american soldiers? they literally PROTEST a personal’s BURIAL. While I may find it reprehensible and very, very disillusioned, and i have had my fair share to say to them personally, i will still defend their right to freedom of speech, as long as it’s not spewing hate.” What exactly do you find hateful? But to the hypocrisy…”it’s their right to censor any opinions or comments they deem necessary or prudent. Think about it. If you posted a video, or comment, that someone else didn’t agree with (like your original one here, for instance), and someone commented negatively against it, or against you, and you had the authority/power/ability to censor a comment, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. It’s your purview, just as it’s their’s.” Do you support free speech or the denial of free speech? Pick a side and stay on it. And your friend who said, “meh. not offensive, just not funny,” would have had his freedom of speech oppressed.

    Do you have never ending compassion or do you think making fun of people who need assistance in daily functions, who are bullied everyday and can’t even point out who did it, who can’t articulate what they want and bang their heads against the wall out of frustration and who lose their motor functions as they age to the point where they spend their lives in wheelchairs or start out there, or have to live in institutions for their entire lives? Again, pick one because you can not be both.

    Did they sincerely apologize or did they sneak the video back up when they thought the coast was clear? Pick one.

    I’m doing you a favor by saying your statements on the matter are fueled by some crush.

    There were a million little stops along the way where they could have clarified their intentions, allowed people to have their own opinion and be heard, left the video down, taken it down, talked about it, told people that it is not funny to call another person a “retard” when they say something they don’t agree with, etc…. It’s their choice to leave it up and allow the intolerance and reactions to their oppression to grow into hate. I’ll say what I have said all along, Mr. Doyle is not ready to be put on a National pedestal in the name of tolerance. He can be as foolish, ignorant or intolerant as he wants to for FUN, but then he can’t be the face of tolerance for the gay community.

  16. Dear Eric B.,

    Fuck you with a sandpaper condom. I’ll throw who the fuck ever I wanna throw around. I’m tired of you bashing me for being what you refer to as “neurologically impaired.” You don’t know me, and you don’t know anything about me other than what I’ve written. I was using Hitler as a reference to an evil person. That. Is. ALL.

    No one gave me your fucking name. Certainly not Greg, certainly not Matt Doyle. If I’d met you on the street at random and you told me your name, I sincerely doubt I’d ever think you were the asshole who was posting on this website.

    If you’d actually COMPREHENDED what I’ve written, you’d see that I never said it was OKAY to make fun of people. I admitted that they made a mistake, but I was simply saying they’re human, and that happens. I wasn’t encouraging what they did. I was simply defending them by saying they are not full of hate just because they took a joke too far.

    You, however, have taken this too far, and are seriously smoking some fucked up shit if you think I’d intentionally try to hurt you by invoking the name of someone who you (and believe me, I, as well as billions of other people) DESPISE. I’m not that kind of person.

    So stop calling me stupid, or uninformed, or neurologically impaired. I happen to be a very intelligent person, and have spent my life studying to be a better person, as well as learning as much as I can about the world and its people.

    Matt Doyle never ASKED to be put on a national pedestal. WHAT DON’T YOU GET?!?! It was a PERSONAL story about a PERSONAL incident that reminded him of when he was PERSONALLY bullied. That doesn’t mean he wants to be or has asked to be a goddamn spokesperson! Or a freaking role model. He was just talking about how he felt. Jesus effing Christ, why can’t you see that?

    You say I’m blind because of some crush? Well maybe you’re blind because all you see is intolerance, and you are so ready to bite someone’s head off that you can’t see past your own hatred. I am sick and tired of you acting so goddamn high and mighty, like you’ve never done anything wrong. I didn’t realize that Eric. B. was a pseudonym of Jesus Christ.

    You are the one who is misinformed if you seriously think otherwise of me, or of Matt Doyle. He never asked for his words to be broadcast by another website. I doubt he’s ever even been in touch with Greg In Hollywood.

    I didn’t mention Hitler because I was invoking the Nazi’s. He is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF EVIL. That is all I was doing. I simply stated that Matt Doyle, and indeed, anyone involved in The Audition video, WAS NOT HITLER. OR STALIN. OR HUSSEIN.

    Maybe I’m not the one so neurologically impaired. Maybe you’re just a fucking idiot asshole.

  17. Thank you again for proving that there is nothing but irrational, erratic, contradictory and hateful arguments for this video. You can’t see that you contradict yourself when stating your own opinions. You can’t see that whether or not he begged to be in the spotlight or was put there on the basis of his hypocritical words, he is in the spotlight with a hypocritical blog about tolerance. Hello, you are at the site where that has happened.

    Here’s what you wrote on the video page,

    “i realize that some people don’t like this video, but i just wanna say that i think it’s a testament to free speech, and that while i may not agree with ALL the jokes, i still think that anyone who cries such foul is missing the point. other than that…fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.”

    The definition of “free speech” is that people have the right to speak freely. What is it about that lofty and complicated definition that YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND? People are being denied the opportunity to speak about the video. That is a denial of free speech and nothing could be further from the definition of free speech than the denial of it. It is fact not up for debate. It’s COMMON SENSE.

    The definition of tolerance is how accepting you are of other people who are different from yourself. It has nothing to do with your personal knowledge and understanding of your own set of circumstances.

    Here’s what you’ve said on the topic of tolerance, “and so what if he only stops when he hears a word that PERSONALLY insults him. do you stop at every single instance of someone picking on someone else and get involved? i doubt it. you don’t know if he is intolerant towards people who are mentally challenged.”

    Obviously it is the definition of tolerance that gives you trouble because you contradict what you are talking about. And by the way, I stop every time because every time one of these words is used to put down another person, it hurts us all. But if you want to see documented evidence that Mr. Doyle is intolerant of the mentally challenged, WATCH THE VIDEO.

    The definition of hypocrite is a person who’s actions contradict their words. Matt Doyle wrote a blog detailing how hearing the word “Faggot” affected him, but he can’t comprehend that the use of the word “retard” is as offensive. Wesley Taylor, Blake Daniel and the others either marched for EQUALITY or made statements regarding their support for EQUALITY. The have all spoken their opinion about the subject. That sentiment does not match the fact that they were a part of the video, they are not allowing people affected by the hate in the video to have their say, despite knowing the pain it caused they put the video back up after everything was quiet for two weeks, the continue to stand by the video and let the intolerance within the Broadway Community flow and they refuse to see that the word “faggot” is being tossed around as often as “retard.” It is not debatable. THEY ARE THE VERY DEFINITION OF HYPOCRITES.

    I’m sorry that the fact your own comments make absolutely no sense, contradict themselves, resort to profanity when involved in an intelligent argument, etc….have made it impossible for me to recognize your candidacy for MENSA but can you really blame me? YOU MAKE NO SENSE!

    As for your relentless antisemitism, comparing a gay Jew to Jesus Christ, shows your hypocrisy and lack of qualifications to be a part of an intelligent debate, but it is still better than, “you’re just a fucking idiot asshole.” Again, you don’t have to kill Jews to be a bad person. I think being hateful, intolerant, hypocritical, oppressors of free speech makes for a pretty awful person. Perhaps you just can’t see that forest through your own trees.

  18. Eric and Michael: gotta cut you guys off. It’s just going round and round. sorry. and fyi: i would never give anyone’s info out besides what they have posted themselves.

  19. Yo Erik B….

    I am a mentally challenged young man (yes, that’s right. many of us can comprehend what you’re saying and most of us have a sense of humour.)

    I wake up every morning happy to listen to Broadway shows, and go see them and Wesley Taylor and Matt Doyle have been two of the nicest people to me. I did NOT find the video offensive at all, and I am the person they were “making fun of”. You are not my type of minority, so why don’t you talk to some of us before you make an opinion. If every single time someone like me was portrayed in film/tv/theater as someone ‘sad’ or ‘helpless’ or even something ‘challenging and overcoming” I would be pissed off. I’m happy people know that we can make fun of ourselves. Some of us have different physicalities, some of us talk different, but ignoring that doesn’t help….noticing that and commenting on it helps. People laugh when they make fun of a bad haircut, because it’s something that’s right in front of your face, well so are some of our traits and we LIKE to laugh at it.

    Regarding Wes’ video…it was not making fun of me or anyone like me at all. If anything, it was making fun of actors. But we don’t see any actors taking a stand and getting mad because they are making fun of people like them. Give it up, go take on a cause that affects YOU and go take on a cause that doesn’t anger more people. By you writing this, you have set us back 100 years. We can make humor out of anything else…why not us. You, my friend, are more prejudice than anyone else on this blog.

  20. Wow, this was.. Special. Eric, I don’t think Michael even knew you were Jewish until AFTER he made the Hitler comment. As a Jewish woman, I found nothing offensive in his post. I didn’t even see the slightest hint of antisemitism. You are definitely entitled to your opinion, and I think it’s great that you are standing up for what you believe in (same to you, Michael).. HOWEVER, calling someone an antisemite when they clearly are not is just as bad. We, unfortunately, still deal with discrimination, but that doesn’t mean we should play the victim or accuse someone of discriminating just for dramatic effect. I realize this has nothing to do with Matt Doyle, but this entire conversation between you two was pretty screwed up, anyway, so I didn’t see the harm in posting this.

  21. OMG! Michael and Eric really slugged it out here. Having been a minority facing uphill battles along the way, let me say this. It is important that we learn to laugh at ourselves. That I think is a admirable way to move forward

    Eric: If a relatively nice person like Betty White or Meryl Streep were to make jokes that were mildly offensive to a FEW, will the entire nation brand them as racist or intolerant? I think all of us should examine the entire body of work of any person before making pronouncements. And even before that, shouldn’t we be qualified to make that pronouncement?
    And oh BTW, JUST because you proclaim yourself to be a minority, doesn’t give you that dignity of making pronouncements regarding others’ character. The same rule applies to Michael or me or anyone. Saying that because one is a minority, one is able to understand a related viewpoint is OK. But to say that it confers the right to brand a person intolerant or racist is unacceptable to me!
    I hope in almost 2 years since this article, all of us have gained new perspectives!

  22. March 28th, 2015 at 5:16 am
    Anjelica H. says:

    Ok these comments between those two gentlemen were so intense that even five months after I first read this article, here I am still effected by it! Perfect example of people having different perceptions of statements and words and how other people entertained them by continuing to reply to their comments. Oldest trick in the book! Shaking my head lol.

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