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Breakfast w/Greg: What’s up with Gavin Newsom? Robert Pattinson an equal opportunity biter; More NPH Tweets!

Good morning all.

Well, I was really hoping Gavin Newsom’s run for governor of Calif0rnia would be a successful one. I’ve seen him speak many times and am always impressed and a little dazzled.

But it’s not to be as you know. The San Francisco Mayor and staunch gay rights advocate. dropped out of the race and since then, it seems that he has all but dropped out of sight!

During his candidacy, Newsom regularly took to Twitter and Facebook to communicate – including about his wife’s labor. I found this refreshing.

According to San Francisco Chronicle columnists Matier & Ross write that Newsom he is still smarting from what he felt was harsh media coverage during his short-lived governor’s campaign.

The other day, the handsome governor stopped just long enough outside his office door the other day to give reporters a hint why he’s been ducking them these past two weeks: “I think you guys should consider your reporting,” the mayor said, before fleeing down a staircase and out a City Hall basement door.

It’s such a pity things have turned out this way. Hopefully Newsom will rebound down the road and emerge a little less cranky!

BIG BITES: Not at all cranky these days is New Moon star Robert Pattinson who appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night.

He told Dave that in his first movie Ring of the Nibelungs, he played a viking and wore a terrible wig. Worse yet, his entire part was dubbed over by another actor! Well, it happened to Andie MacDowell on her very first film Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan. Her lines were dubbed over by Glenn Close!

Well, things turned out just fine for Andie and they obviously have for Robert too!

Robert also shared a fun story with Dave about the biting that is required in his role as a vampire in the Twilight movies. At the LA premiere of New Moon on Monday, he got a lot of requests from fans who wanted to be nibbled on – and not just the usual girls and their moms:

“There was a guy, kind of , maybe 230-pound guy who was at the premiere, kind of Hispanic looking, and he was asking me to bite him as well. So I did. And surprisingly I kind of liked it afterwards…and I’ve been out to dinner a couple times with him since.”

Here’s a part of the Letterman appearance:

NEIL’S TWEETS: Neil Patrick Harris is still Tweeting after three days on Twitter and as of this morning, has more than 123,000 followers!

Neil, pictured above at last night’s GQ Men of the Year Party in Hollywood,  had earlier let us know via Twitter about a dance number in the works for a future episode of How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM’s 100th episode musical number. Dance steps by Glee’s prod/choreo Zach Woodlee. Cool. Watch me point at him:

Filming dance numbers is taxing!! When watching at home, you forget there were 1,420 thousand takes. I just slipped and nearly broke my co

Oh yeah, there’s that whole 140 character thing that NPH keeps goofing on. Most of his Tweets end in the middle of a word and apparently he just can’t help himself.

Ok. So. Now that I’ve figured out this 140 character stuff, get this – Tim Gunn bursts out of his room, walks right up to me and says, “Ne

Alright, alright. I’m done with the ’140 character’ running gag. Sorry, it makes me laugh. But as my wise father Ron always says, “Know w

So many super cool responses. A thousand thanks everyone. This is fun. No more 140 character hulabaloo, though. Even I am beginning to ti

Such a kidder!

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