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Breakfast w/Greg: Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Schaffer use gay slurs on Letterman; Sarah Jessica Parker on inner gayness

Happy Friday everyone!

You know, I think it’s really great that Robert Downey Jr. has put his drug problems behind him but it was not so great to hear him use the word “homos” on The Late Show with David Letterman last night while promoting his new Sherlock Holmes movies.

Letterman suggested that perhaps Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were “closer than out solving crimes.”

“That they were homos?” Downey Jr. said, drawing a big laugh from the audience.

That’s bad enough. Bandleader Paul Schaffer inexplicably decides to get in on the “fun” and asks: “What are they, complete screamers? Is that what you’re saying?”

At this point, Letterman’s hand is on his forehead and he’s saying “Oh my God.”

Watch for yourself and expect some statements from GLAAD soonn INNER GAYNESS: The lovely and talented Sarah Jessica Parker has a new movie out today, a comedy called Did You Hear About the Morgans? also starring Hugh Grant.

Love SJP, love Hugh Grant, so I am basically required to see it.

The Emmy Award winning actress talked to writer Kevin Sessums for The Daily Beast about how she and hubby Matthew Broderick had twins through a surrogate which Sessums said “has become a kind of status symbol for a lot of affluent gays who long for families of their own.”

He then asked SJP: “Was going the surrogate route a way for you and Matthew to channel your own inner affluent gay men?

Replied Sarah Jessica: “God, that’s so true… and so funny. No, no, no … Matthew and I were looking at a variety of ways to expand our family. So it’s not that simple, channeling our inner gayness. And I wouldn’t say that we are done either. We will keep exploring different ways to have a family I think.”

Since I am beyond disgusted with Sen. Joe Lieberman and his actions regarding health care reform, I thought I’d add Sarah Jessica’s remarks on President Barack Obama and on Lieberman:

“I refuse to lose hope in Obama, although health care is the biggest concern for me. I will be so blue if I lose hope in this man. I’m not a Pollyanna but I can’t abandon Obama at this early stage. The thing that I was hoping for was transparency in the health-care debate because that’s the promise he made to me personally. That has disappointed me. And as for Joe Lieberman’s role in the health-care process … well, I just don’t understand it. James Wilkie is more mature than Joe Lieberman is. Lieberman has behaved like a petulant child.” FINALLY …

There’s a hot new clip out from A Single Man, the Tom Ford-directed film about a gay man that the studio and even the director has indicated is not a gay film. This scene with Colin Firth’s character flirting with an oh-so-sexy male prostitute with hall of fame lips (Jon Kortajarena, pictured left) exposes this film for what it is: A movie about a gay man.


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  1. The clip from A SINGLE MAN looks hot, but maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have the “Torgo Theme” from MANOS: HANDS OF FATE playing over the closeup of Kortajarena’s lips.


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