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Breakfast w/Greg: Rachel Maddow on Ellen’s impact; Prejean called a hypocrite; Sarah Paulson’s new role

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Maybe you read the Sunday New York Times with your morning coffee but if not, I want to point out an interesting piece on Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

The piece by Frank Bruni points out that as the marriage equality movement suffers blows like the recent vote in Maine, Ellen seems more popular than ever among mainstream audiences even after exchanging vows with Ms. de Rossi during a span last year when same-sex marriage was legal in California.

“She’s dancing in her sneakers and making everybody else get up and dance, too,” observed Rachel Maddow the openly lesbian host of an evening political talk show, on MSNBC. “She’s unthreatening by the nature of her comedic gift.”

So why is Ellen thriving amid such homophobia in the country?

Ms. Maddow and others said that may be because some of the most damaging, off-putting parts of the persistent stereotype for gay men — that they’re promiscuous, even predatory — don’t extend to gay women, who are generally seen in less sexual terms. She added that it may also make a difference that Ms. DeGeneres never winked and crowed about going on hot dates but instead rhapsodized about being in love and tying the knot.

NOT A PREJEAN FAN: John McCain’s outspoken daughter Meghan has written a column in The Daily Beast that is scathing enough to make disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean want to take her microphone off and wrap it around her neck!

McCain writes that it was not Carrie’s disastrous appearance on Larry King Live last week that got her attention, but the softball interview conducted by Sean Hannity a few days earlier: When the sex tape came up, he proceeded to ask her if she was ‘in love with her boyfriend at the time that she made [it].’ I’m sorry, why would being in love matter when it comes to filming yourself in a sexual context?

I find it even more disturbing that as long as you oppose gay marriage, filming yourself having sex is taken more lightly. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this kind of thinking? And hypocrisy is something the Republican Party can’t afford to have right now as the GOP struggles to find its identity.

In a bigger context, McCain asks: “If you’re a Republican, is it better to be in favor of gay marriage or to make a sex tape?”

She also questions why gay marriage is such a focus for the Republican Party: The problem I have with my fellow Republicans is why gay marriage is the trump card in any situation. It seems that as long as you are against gay marriage, any scandal in your life can be overlooked or overcome. When you are in favor of it, however—and I have been very vocal about my support—that position defines you.

Carrie, it was reported by, made as many as eight videos for her boyfriend and Vivid Entertainmentis willing to pay nher as much as $1 million to distribute them.

She apparently is not interested.

SINGLE SARAH CAST: Cherry Jones only recently opened up about her split, in June, from actress Sarah Paulson after six years together.

It was a pity because I liked th idea of these two incrediblly talented women together! I fell a little bit in love with Sarah when she co-starred in Down With Love with Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and David Hyde Pierce. I thought she stole just about every scene she was in with Miss Zellweger.

Sarah, who got raves during her season on NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, has landed a new acting gig: she will co-star with Linda Lavin in the Manhattan Theater Club’s Broadway production of Collected Stories. She will play the protege of a well-known Gotham author (Lavin).

It’s her first return to the New York stage since the 2005 revival of The Glass Menagerie.

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  1. November 16th, 2009 at 11:27 am
    Jim in Hayward says:

    I got married to my 20 year partner Tom in September 2008! And our marriage is legal! Kind of begs the question how can WE have a legal ‘same-sex marriage’ and other can’t? Don’t get it. The legal system will eventually make same-sex marriage legal for all in California BECAUSE they recognize the ones before that in-famous proposition!

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