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Breakfast w/Greg: New Year’s Eve champagne; Ellen’s first pet; Nicholas Rodriguez’s marathon plans

Good morning all!

Today begins a very busy chapter in my life as I begin contributing regularly to as well as doing stories for But Greg In Hollywood will not fall through the cracks! No way! that activity as I am STILL recovering from New Year’s Eve. I went to the big splashy party at Here Lounge in West Hollywood where they had this winter wonderland theme that maybe went to far. At midnight, snow began to fall and kept falling. It was cute at first then we got annoyed. Then we dashed out of the back bar and outside where, thankfully, there was no fake snow.

About 30 seconds before midnight, I managed to grab a few flutes of champagne for me and my friend Art and as we all started cheering during the countdown, Art swung his hand and it hit my glass and sent a big splash of champagne into my left eye!

Here’s the funniest part: I’m doubled over because my eye completely stings and as I look up, I expect Art to be looking over me with concern. Nope. He’s oblivious that this has even happened and is dancing and swigging champagne. It  was my oddest start to a new year – perhaps ever!

But it was a really fun night! Beyond that, my lips are sealed. What happens at Here Lounge on New Year’s Eve STAYS at Here Lounge!

Anyway, a few items to get us going in 2010 as everyone hits the ground running:’S FIRST PET: Have you ever stayed up late at night wondering what kind of a pet Ellen DeGeneres had as a kid? Well, neither have I! But someone write into Parade this week and asked and Ellen was kind enough to provide this answer:

“My first pet was a stray cat that I brought home when I was really young. I don’t remember how old I was – maybe 5,6? I named the cat ebbie, after Debbie Reynolds, because that cat had a mouth on her.”

Well, now we know. And so does Debbie Reynolds!

By the way, Parade notes that Ellen is the co-owner of a pet care company called Halo.

With her own talk show, being the new judge on American Idol and being married to Portia de Rossi, doesn’t this blond dynamo already have enough to do?

Nicholas Rodriguez

ONE STEP AT A TIME: One of my favorite stars these days is Nicholas Rodriguez, a Broadway star who has become a popular television performer thanks to his role of Nick on ABC’s One Life to Live.

Yeah, Nick wants to come between our favorite couple Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis but he’s so adorable that you don’t hate him for it! I love that the storyline is not only a breakthrough for how gay relationships can be depicted on television but also that two of the actors are gay in real life: Rodriguez and Scott Evans (Oliver).

Nicholas is also playing a gay role in the new web series Then We Got Help. asked him and other out stars what their New Year’s resolutions are and here’s what Nicholas had to say:

“I have been honored to participate in so many GLBT charities over the past few months, and I really want to step up my service in the coming year! We have come a long way, but there is a long road still ahead of us. I am so inspired by the younger generation who need our guidance, love and support. … On a personal note, I resolve to start training for my first marathon! This year I ran my first race in Central Park for God’s Love We Deliver, and am hooked! The energy of running with complete strangers and pushing each other toward a common goal was exhilarating! I want to push myself even further in 2010!”

You go Nicholas!

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