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Breakfast w/Greg: “New Moon” rules again; Sam and Dan survive in Amazing Race & Clay Aiken turns 31

Good morning!

I’m dragging a bit today because a friend and I decided to go out last night and hit some clubs in West Hollywood. So many people out! We ran into Wilson Cruz and his boyfriend at Here Lounge as well as two of the stars of Eating Out 3 Chris Salvatore and Daniel Skelton and also chatted up former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts.

Before heading out to West Hollywood, we headed over to The Grove to see a movie. Wanted to see Precious but it was sold out so settled for our second choice The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

It was okay, perhaps a tad too long. But there was no denying that Taylor Lautner steals the show with that new body! The first time he rips his shirt off it’s a revelation then he spends the rest of the flick basically shirtless. Trust me, we were not complaining!

New Moon remained at the top of the box office heap during what was a record Thanksgiving weekend. It grossed an estimated $42.5 million over the weekend and has earned $230 million domestically in just two weeks.

The Sandra Bullock flick The Blind Side is shaping up to be a huge hit s well with a weekend gross of $40 million and more than $100 million in two weeks.

Gotta check that one out too – as well as Precious.

The "Amazing" McMillen brothers of Liberty: Sam, on the left, and Dan.

STILL IN THE RACE: Gay brothers Sam and Dan MacMillen have made it to the final three on The Amazing Race but not before having to perform a series of bizarre tasks in Prague on Sunday night’s show.

They and the other teams were forced to build golems, enter frigidly cold rooms and deliver beer, drink absinthe and answer ringing telephones. They performed all of this while avoiding soccer hooligans and drunken tourists!

The brothers also did some backstabbing after Dan agreed to join forces with one of the Harlem Globetrotters to solve a Kafka-esque puzzle. But when he figured it out on his own, all he divulged to his rival was that the answer started with “F.”  The Globetrotter team was eliminated and he brother finished the leg in second place.

The brothers now are in the finals and compete with two other teams for first prize of $1 million! The McMillen brothers will be in New York for the broadcast of next Sunday’s finale, which will put the final three teams through their paces in Las Vegas.’S DAY: Now that Adam Lambert has taken over the world, Clay Aiken is no longer the most famous American Idol runner up in thw world. He’s not even the most famous gay runner up!

But let’s give Clay his due because today is his 31st brithday: he parlayed his success on Idol (whatever happened to season 2 winner Ruben Stoddard anyway?) into a hugely successful recording career and has also starred on Broadway. He has an extremely loyal fan base and recently became a father.

My hope for Clay as he turns another year older is that he becomes a more gracious person. It was a big step when he finally came out and confirmed what everyone had known – that he is gay. But he’s often a bitchy gay and he went out of his way to write some rude things about Lambert earlier this year and suffered a lot of backlash for it.

Clay, who is working on a new album for next year, tried to apologize – I think! – and just came off sounding worse.

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6 Remarks

  1. Maybe you think that Clay Aiken isn’t entitled to an opinion, or is it your problem that he doesn’t pander to someone just because they are gay. You know the ever gracious Adam Lambert who gave the world the finger after that awful American Music Awards performance? Maybe Clay should follow in Adam’s footsteps and never apologize for anything no matter what.

    Is that what you call gracious? Your uncalled for little slap at Aiken is so bitchy. Well guess what. I doubt that Clay cares too much about your bitchiness or about Adam’s tranny train wreck of a career. In my world we call Clay a stand up guy who doesn’t take any shit from anyone. You call it bitchy. You’d know I guess.

  2. The gay brothers performed well, even if they bicker about everything, so childish, especially the tall one. Even so, it seems like the blonds are unstoppable and the other two teams will need extra luck to beat them. But let be sincere here, the blonds deserve the prize; they really were neat, intelligent and sporty. Will see, will see.

  3. I’m appalled at your stereotypical, homophobic slur of Clay Aiken. You called him “a bitchy gay.” On what planet do you think it’s ever appropriate to say such a thing?

    Would you call a black person an uppity negro?

    By trafficking in such disgusting bigoted words, you do nothing but entrench stereotypes.

    Would it have been so hard for you to have called him a jerk or any of the other commonly used adjectives used to describe people negatively that don’t aid in dehumanizing someone by way of historical bigotry?

    It’s bad enough that Aiken had to face rejection from his straight fan after coming out, but it’s worse when other gays, like yourself, attack him just as fiercely.

  4. Forgot to say: Hey Greg, did you see how gorgeous is the guy in the interracial couple of the Amazing Race? What a pity he’s straight, lol. And is sweet as a jar of honey and completely supportive, and always in a good mood. I think he deserves some pics on your blog, lol.

  5. I had a doubt about being “bitchy” in English, so I went to an authorized source -The Webster Online Dictionary- and it says:
    Pronunciation: \ˈbi-chē\
    Function: adjective
    Inflected Form(s): bitch·i·er; bitch·i·est
    Date: 1937
    : characterized by malicious, spiteful, or arrogant behavior
    — bitch·i·ly \ˈbi-chə-lē\ adverb
    — bitch·i·ness \ˈbi-chē-nəs\ noun

    So then I can say that yes… Clay Aiken itself admitted he was kinda “bitchy” when taking against Lambert. Maybe with other Engish terms.

  6. I think Aiken was spot on in both those blogs, including his critique of Lambert’s truly wretched version of RING OF FIRE. I also think that Aiken has taken a shitload of bashing, dehumanizing & general bitchy behaviour from everyone & their mother in his life & career & no one has ever apologized to him. He said a lot of nice things about Lambert in both those blogs, but naturally, people who want to dislike him simply because it’s not considered cool to like him will only latch onto the one negative sentence about ROF. In context, Aiken was answering many fan questions on his fansite about his opinion of Lambert, Allen & AI8. He waited until the season was over to post his thoughts so as not to influence his fans’ if they voted. That was pretty gracious. Lambert could have been gracious as well in reply, saying something like Aiken was entitled to his opinion. Instead, Lambert bashed Aiken personally for weeks in interviews, ignoring his apology. Now that’s one bitchy queen!

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