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Breakfast w/Greg: Kathy Griffin’s serious side; Agassi’s book collaborator; Mark Wahlberg loses his shirt!

Good morning!

I don’t believe in all that Friday the 13th bad luck stuff but just in case, I’m not leaving the house all damned day!


Someone who can’t be spending very much time at home is busy Kathy Griffin!

Between her book, her new comedy CD, her TV special, appearances at signings and on every show from Behar to Conan, our favorite redhead is everywhere.

But early next year, she’s going to be somewhere we would not expect: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit! reports that Kathy will play a lesbian activist in a rare dramatic role on the sbow’s Feb. 10 episode.

The way I see it, she’s got to be doing this to try and win a third Emmy – the first for acting. Law & Order: SVU is Emmy central for guest actresses with Ellen Burstyn winning one this year, Cynthia Nixon the year before that and Leslie Caron in 2007.

Kathy’s two Emmys are in the outstanding reality show category for her Bravo show My Life on the D-List.

AGASSI’S CO-WRITER: Andre Agassi’s new book has certainly been making all kinds of headlines with its revelations about drug use, a hairpiece and scary tennis stage parent. It’s also been getting really terrific reviews and a big part of that is due to the fact that Andre sought out JR Moehringinger to collaborate with him.

JR wrote the acclaimed memoir The Tender Bar, which Andre was a great fan of, and had won a Pulitzer Prize for feature writing while at the Los Angeles Times.

According to a piece in The New York Times, their collaboration on Agassi’s Open: An Autobiography was so intense that Mr. Moehringer wound up moving to Las Vegas, and their taping sessions together, some 250 hours in all, sometimes resembled psychoanalysis.

“Our first few interviews were just painful,” Mr. Moehringer recalled. “He was completely locked — stilted, resistant, halting. His memory was crystalline about matches but not about relationships. He hadn’t reached any conclusions about them and couldn’t make connections.”

Mr. Agassi recalled that both during the interviews and later, when the two of them pored over the transcripts together, he sometimes felt he was in an intense tennis match. “I have a lot of capacity for pain, but I didn’t understand how hard this process would be. I was being asked to talk about the subject I know least about: me.”

I knew JR back in the mid-90s when we were both working for the LA Times. I still remember his first day there because it was when Orange County filed for bankruptcy and I ended up on a story either that day or the next with JR and Eric Lichtblau, now a Pulitzer winner in the Washington bureau of the NY Times.

While we shared a byline on that story, JR refused to have his name on the cover of title page of Agassi’s book: “The midwife doesn’t go home with the baby,” he told the NY Times this week. “It’s Andre’s memoir, not our memoir, not a memoir ‘as told to.’ It’s his accomplishment, and he made the final choices.”

mark-wahlberg-chest-1109.jpgBEEFCAKE SPECIAL: And finally, here is Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming film Date Night.

Back in the day, when he was still better known as Marky Mark, these kinds of photos were his specialty – especially as a model for Calvin Klein underwear!

But Mark kept his clothes on more and more as he ascended to movie stardom in such film as Boogie Nights, A Perfect Storm, The Italian Job, Invincible and The Departed.

In Date Night, a comedy out next April starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, Mark opens the door looking like this!


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  1. Don’t worry. For Spanish people it is Tuesday 13th or, really, any Tuesday:
    Martes, ni te cases ni te embarques,
    ni de tu familia te apartes.

  2. ….not sure i wanna drag myself through Agassi’s life, but i might reread JR’s “The Tender Bar” – it’s one of the finest pieces of writing i’ve ever experienced.

  3. Thank you for you post, it very instructive for me.

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