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Breakfast w/Greg: Kathryn Joosten on her lung cancer; Scotty and Kevin talk kids

Emmys 2009 by you.

Good morning!

It’s great to have new episodes of Desperate Housewives to enjoy and there was a fum moment when Mrs. McKluskey tells Gaby  that she not only has a boyfriend, but they are getting it on. You go girl!

The woman who plays McKluskey is, of course, Kathryn Joosten who has won two Emmys for the role. She recently discovered that she has lung cancer during a routine exam and we talked about her health at the Emmys last week.

Early detection is crucial for survival.

“It’s one of those silent killers,” she said. “You don’t get any symptoms and by the time you get any symptoms, your only choices are mahogany or oak. … Eight years ago I had lung cancer on the right side and they took it out. This is a new one, this is on the left side.”

She is off from the show this week since she was not scheduled to be in that episode anyway then will have the surgery next week.

“I’ll probably be in the next episode,” she said. “I am using this and will probably continue to use this as a bully pulpit to get out the word about the abominable  funding for lung cancer research because it’s at the bottom of every list there is. I’m coming out because I’m also so sick of the stigma. … “The Center for Disease Control funded $204 million for breast cancer research and zero for lung cancer. What does that tell you?”

“Some guy went on Huffington Post and basically said, ‘Well, you smoked for 40 years. What did you expect?” My response was not repeatable.” LOVE? I decided last night to watch the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters and to blog about any gay parts of each episode.

The Housewives part is easy since it consists of exactly one scene: Lee (Kevin Rahm) is apparently now a real estate agent and tells the new couple on Wisteria Lane that he’s handling the neighborhood “because I got really lucky” that Edie Britt ran her car into a telephone pole and was electrocuted.

That was it.

Moving on. Brothers & Sisters opened with Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) in the office of a surrogacy place. They are told it would cost around $137,000 for the whole process which really isn’t the problem, Scotty’s cold feet are.

Scotty begins to express his doubts, frustrating Kevin, before the pair heads to Nora’s house for Justin and Rebecca’s engagement party. They have a funny exchange on the way in when Kevin says to not mention their baby plans to his mom because “I’m afraid she’ll want to pick the surrogate.”

Scotty then says: “I’m afraid once she finds out she’ll want to BE the surrogate.”

It was fun to have Marion Ross back as grandmother Ida who asks Kevin and Scotty: “Which one of you gets to sleep with the egg lady/”

At episode’s end, the couple have a heart-to-heart and Scotty confesses: “The more real this gets, the most scared I become. That’s how I’m feeling … I don’t want to move forward with this until I’m sure.”

Replies Kevin: “I spent two years of being scared of being committed to you, to us. So it’s my turn to wait.”

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