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Breakfast w/Greg: Jake Silbermann thanks ATWT fans; Taylor Lautner on SNL; Beau Bridges wears heels

Good Morning!

Well, these are bleak times for As the World Turns fans. The show has been canceled by CBS and will end its long run in September.

If this had been two years ago, I would have been quite upset because I would have so missed Oakdale’s young gay couple Luke  Snyder and Noah Mayer.

But as loyal fans are well aware, the writing has been dismal for daytime’s first gay super-couple for quite some time now and so interest has dwindled. Plus One Life to Live debuted Kyle and Fish earlier this year and ATWT’s gay storyline seemed even more hapless.

But that is not a reflection on the wonderful actors who have played these roles. Three-time Emmy nominee Van Hansis has been wonderful as Luke and tried to find truth in whatever nonsense has been thrown his way. He has had a wonderful chemistry and shared many sweet kisses with co-star Jake Silbermann who has had some nice moments – especially lately – as Noah.

Jake reached out to fans via his Facebook page after the cancellation was announced: “It’s been a wonderful ride and I am sorry that the storyline will not be around for you wonderful die hard fans. I promise to work my hardest to be a part of new, and hopefully, as emotionally rewarding stories in the future. Let’s enjoy the rest of the ride!”’m a few days late on watching Saturday Night Live (thank God for Hulu!) and thought New Moon hunk Taylor Lautner was adorable in his opening monologue. He’s just 17 and told the audience: “I  remember when SNL started, I was negative 18 at the time.”

He also acknowledges that he does take his shirt off an awful lot in New Moon. So much sio that even shirtless king Matthew McConaughey said it was too much.

We get to see Taylor do some impressive stunts as he reinacts the VMA incident where his friend Taylor Swift had her speech interrupted by Kanye West. I did not realize Lautner was standing on the stage, off to the side, at the time. He did nothing then but shows us what he’d do if given the chance.

Below is a skit that has him playing a blond high school student performing in the high school musical and being heckled by the audience. It doesn’t work and Taylor’s character keeps saying he’s gay but he doesn’t mean it in that way. Gee, how funny. But it’s worth a look to see him as a blond and to see him dance. Nice moves!

When I first read that Beau Bridges was portraying a transgender woman on an episode of TNT’s The Closer this week, my first thought was: “I wonder what they did with his eyebrows?’

Beau doesn’t talk about eyebrows but he does talk shoes and clothes in an interview with UInterview. He also has some lovely and supportive things to say about those who go through real-life transition.

Q: You play a detective who has had a sex change. How did you prepared for the role?
A: I had a part in a play called Looking for Normal by Jane Anderson a number of years ago in which I played a man who was contemplating a sex change. In preparation for the role, I did a lot of research on the subject and meeting people who had gone down that road. I have a profound respect for people who have had the courage to take that journey. It’s not an easy one in today’s world. This Closer episode offered me a chance to step into those shoes once again and honor those folks who have taken that path.

Q: Did you have a scene that was the most challenging for you?

A: At the end of the show when I’m leaving from the train station, I have to walk away from G.W. [Bailey, who plays Det. Provenza], I had to walk on this cold tile floor in these high heels. I had chosen very modest pumps to wear through most of filming because I didn’t want to screw my back up, but in that particular scene they wanted me to wear spiked heels. I had to do the scene 10 times. It was just brutal. It was terrifying. After every time I had to do the take, I had to take my shoes off. I am never again going to complain to my wife when we are late trying to get somewhere, and she’s got those heels on.

Q: What’s the challenge of wearing woman’s clothes?
A: The clothes themselves were fine – I really love woman’s clothes. I buy all my wife’s clothes. I’m bored by men’s clothes. I hate to shop for myself. That part of it was really fun – they have a great creative team behind the scenes. I just handed myself over to them and they did me. I have pretty long hair to begin with, so I didn’t have to wear a wig. They just put extensions in my hair. To see yourself at the end of it, that was a big part of the creative process.

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  1. VAN HANSIS is indeed wonderful in ATWT, even if the stories are stupid. Van always makes fabulous acting work, especially when we know actors don’t have time to rehearse their scenes. I love each Van’s scene and his chemistry with Jake is great. Here’s what Van had to say to his fans about the cancellation of the show on his FB page : “All i can say is thank you. i am honored and humbled to have had this amazing experience for the last four years, to be fortunate enough to be on a show that has been a part of the cultural zeitgeist for over half a century. i am going to give it my all in the time remaining. everyone’s support has meant so much to me and i know that i am a truly lucky man.”

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