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Boy George goes public with his dislike of selfie ‘bank robber’ fan took with him and posted on Twitter

Boy George did his celebrity duty and took a selfie with a fan.

He wishes he hadn’t.

The Culture Club singer got a look at the photo taken with a woman named Nadia which she had posted on Twitter.

He did not feel it was a flattering shot of either of them.

‘Filtered your own eek but left me to the ravish of the hateful flash!’ he wrote.

He was sure to add ‘Lol’ to not appear too bitchy.

Then another fan weighed in with a little lecture: ‘The camera can’t hide aging unless you have all the pro lights on your face. Embrace aging.’

George then revealed that he didn’t think Nadia looked so hot either!

He wrote back: ‘Bad lighting is bad lighting and she looks likes she’s about to rob a bank!’

That, of course, was followed by a ‘Lol!’

George, 55, has now been in the public eye for 35 years.

He recently finished as the runner-up on the NBC reality competition The Celebrity Apprentice.

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2 Remarks

  1. The girl just posted a picture of herself with him. “Boy”George doesn’t have to be a bitch. He is rich because of his fans, he should just suck it up and get over himself.

  2. March 21st, 2017 at 7:19 pm
    Temperance says:

    Agreed..were it not for the fans, he’d still be living like a gutter rat with his butt buddy Marilyn…bragging about yet another straight conquest…I lost all respect for George when he turned bitch on a little old lady fan whose only crime was asking for his autograph…she actually missed her last bus home…what a twat…Ian Somerhalder made a fan cry..where would those pricks be without the fans?

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