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Bombshell: Kevin Spacey apologizes to Anthony Rapp for sexual advances and comes out publicly as gay

This is what it took for Kevin Spacey to finally come out publicly as a gay man: Star Trek: Discovery actor and Broadway star Anthony Rapp has come forward with claims that Spacey made sexual advances towards him when he was 14 years old. Spacey allegedly made a pass at Rapp in 1986 when the two were working together in the Broadway play Precious Sons, according to an interview he did with BuzzFeed News. At the time, Spacey was 26 years old. Rapp said he wants to shine another light on this behavior that has been allowed. “I’m feeling really awake to the moment that we’re living in, and I’m hopeful that this can make a difference.” Spacey has apologized tonight to Rapp in the following tweet:

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4 Remarks

  1. HOLY SHIT! My head is spinning.

  2. Wow! Kevin Spacey is pathetic on all levels. The more I read of his tweet the more he comes off as guilty. And now he wants to deal with this honestly and openly? I really doubt that.

    I’m not really shocked though and I’m sure there are more accusations to come of alleged sexual misconduct by others in the industry who are both gay and straight. It’s not a gay thing and it’s not a straight thing. It’s an individual behavioral problem thing.

  3. Yeh, this is really bad. It is never Ok to come onto young dudes or duddetts. This seems to be true and I have no respect for Spacey.

  4. I don’t want to excuse Kevin S. behavior because regardless of anything the man is an amazing actor. Come on, “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil” is a revelation and not because of “TRANS SUPERSTAR” ‘LADY CHABLIS’ (who was and still is “F-A-B-L-O-U-S) and John Cusack, who I always wanted to just live in his ‘underwear’ (FOREVER) and due to ‘Say Anything’ and many of his lesser popular roles did something to me because he is just this giant of a man who is just GENTLE, yet not typically the best-looking-person-in-the-room but he always seems to leave an impression.
    What is funny but not funny with the entire ordeal is how I truly always thought that Kevin S. was always OUT because there is no way he could play that role in “MITGOGE” and not be in tune with a gay man.
    I am very sympathetic for Anthony’s truth and I always been about those ‘GINGER GUYS AND GALS’, especially the GUYS. I would walk through FIRE for a HOT-Ginger guy and ANTHONY has always been talented beyond belief but just the kind of guy that you know would not only be an amazing friend but one of THE BEST LOVERS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m heartbroken by his revelation but I’m a bit excited about this being a conversation for many but there is something a bit off about the entire world of showbusiness in general and especially “THE GREAT WHITE WAY” (THE THEATRE WORLD).
    I used to do community theatre, which is so far removed and a far-cry from actual Broadway but the premise is still the same underneath all the layers of talent being overshadowed, by the facts that if you look a certain way, or act a certain way, then that could be your ‘GOLDEN TICKET’.
    It’s odd that that might be the only profession on this planet, where being confronted with being sexualized, intimidation and judged on how you look is allowed to a degree. I did a show called “Mary Little Sunshine” (a little-known show) and the choreographer was this ABSOLUTELY, BEAUTIFUL GUY who happened to be in his mid 20′s and most of the cast were teens and everyone was barely in high school. It was odd that the guys in the cast were a bit ridden with homophobia even at that age.
    For me, being this kid, that knew that I rather hug and caress a guy, than hug a girl so you must know that my thinking-process was on point even back then. I wanted to sing, I wanted to act and I wanted to be a BLACK FRED ASTAIRE AND dance. IT’S CRAZY HOW I truly felt and thought I knew I was around THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER or so I thought. The alleged beauty would be how I thought these people (THESPIANS) that I was sharing the stage with, wouldn’t be so judgmental or so I thought. This dance coach was just incredible and could do it all and truly do the wrong. He was in charge of making a group of 13, and 14year older’s look and seem mature in ways that even GOD might have had difficulty with. He was much older than most of us and you would hear the whispers and yet this guy was insanely professional but still himself.
    He too was in his mid-20′s and I just remember most of the guys in the casts were still trying to figure out if they were actually interested in girls but many of that came about because our dance coach was very much ‘HIMSELF’ 24 HOURS A DAY/7 DAYS A WEEK.
    One of the guys in the cast actually took his curiosity to a new level and accused the choreographer of being inappropriate, which was found out to be a lie. I know this situation is a bit different but just suppose Anthony was just being a curious 14year old kid and looking at life through a kid’s eyes and not that of someone that is questioning his or her own sexuality. There was a member of the cast that up and down would try me because like the choreographer I was pretty comfortable being myself. This guy actually invited me backstage to help him get all ‘mic’ed-up’ and it was basically him in his ‘shiny’ electric blue ‘bikini briefs’ and letting me see what was going on.
    I can just confess how this ‘leading man’ made it a point to seek me out and then request me over and over again to help him get ready for his ‘next act’. We are alone in a makeshift dressing room and he is basically naked but his shorts (wink, wink, wink). Now someone from the stage crew comes back to look for him and he pushes me away like I was doing or did something wrong but before this guy came back he was basically showing me how he was able to hit those ‘high notes’ in the show if you get my drift.
    The stage crew of this production was also a group of young people, who most of them were on the athletic teams like basketball, baseball and even football and it made sense but there was this sense of ‘Alpha Males Running loose’. I remember one of the producers of the show’s husband was a coach for one of the many local high school teams and volunteered many of his team members. These guys were also figuring things out but most of them were on this pace of being about ‘the ladies’ and it was okay. However their ‘Alpha Dog’ presence added this essence’s of fear in the guys that were in the cast that loved acting, dancing, singing and definitely putting on costumes and makeup. I remember them being pretty brutal about the costumes and the makeup but they weren’t in my class in my head because I knew I was going on to do bigger and better things. Their ragging most of the guys in the cast about being gay or liking one another and of course their flirting with the girls in the show was what it was but I didn’t let it bother me. I can see it was wearing on a few people including the future “Blue Undies Boy” (lead actor) but when the accusation was put out there about the choreographer it got a bit jammed up. Now there were parents acting very concerned because there was a man, who was openly gay and didn’t touch a single child but some kid questioning his sexuality was now claiming how he felt the choreographer didn’t just touch him but was picking on him because he liked him. Actually, he was picking on him because he couldn’t dance, sing, and even act but his family had a great deal to do with the production and thought it was a good way for their ‘awkward’ son to meet other kids. He asked him to stay after rehearsal so he could help him but them being alone wasn’t a ‘no-no’ in anyone’s eyes but it seemed that it was this opportunity for this kid to claim the choreographer, who was actually dating someone that help him choreograph many of our moves, ‘touched him’. I didn’t buy that story then and I don’t buy it now. It almost came down to the police being involved and even a criminal charge was almost put on this talented guy. Guilty and hormones finally made this ‘spoiled’ and not attractive kid come forward and admit that he was upset because he felt that the choreographer was being hard on him. To find out that his own mother, who was involved with the show wanted the choreographer to really whip her son into shape because she saw potential. I saw a spoiled-get-what-he-wants-kid now being confronted with the truth that possibly his family couldn’t buy talented as they did other things he was involved with. During this time it started this process that if you were an adult in this county working with or around kids, you have to get a background clearance, which seems logical but it does push people away from volunteering and even working with kids. Come on, the girls from Salem didn’t like the teacher and called her out for being a witch and she got ‘hung’.
    I’m not questioning young Anthony or older Anthony because I am a victim of being molested, so I understand and sympathize what he went through and is still going through. The bad part about what happened to me is, how I was OUT as being gay and I was very promiscuous, so no one would believe that someone actually forced me to do anything against my will. They figured that I was just being myself and the person who attempted to force me to do things figured the same thing. He was older and saw me hanging out where I shouldn’t be I always felt safe but when you’re a kid, you should hang with other kids but I was hanging out with adults who were drinking, smoking and doing what adults do. The only catch is the facts that they were older, they were gay and I was a kid and shouldn’t have been there. Who in Anthony’s life allowed Anthony, a 14year old kid to be alone with Kevin, who was a grown man on any giving day or night. unless it was something they were doing on stage. Please don’t think I’m blaming the victim or the victim’s family because I used to think that myself getting raped would be my family’s fault because they didn’t keep a closer eye on me but I had every excuse under-the-sun, moon, and stars where I was going and who I was with and all of it was a bald-faced lie. Anthony is brave for coming out with his story and as bad as most are making Kevin out to be, most don’t realize how hard it is to be gay at any age. Okay Kevin wasn’t always out as a gay man and if most realize that every LGTBQ person that finally had enough of living in fear of what ‘other’s think of them, they can relate. Most of the stars that came out in the last 20 years would be stars that had no other choice because there was someone with their hands out looking for a “BIG” pay-out. God rest his soul but George Michael (RIP) was involved in a huge scandal and that is how he publicly came out during the aftermath.
    Remember the same goes for Ricky, Lance, even NPH a.k.a ‘Neil Patrick Harris’ (My Fav) and that list can go on and on. Heck, we can even get into the ‘Famous Lesbians’ who were basically forced out as well, so I know it seems so sac-religious not to be so hard on Kevin because everyone feels Kevin did the ultimate most and the worst but did he really?????????
    I was so in love with Richard Chamberlain and I always felt like when my gal-pals were loving on him for ‘Thornbirds’ I could share in their sentiment because Richard C. was SMOKING HOT. I sometimes can’t talk to a priest, who don’t have a limp or a lot of gray hairs and a bit of a belly. I was seriously fanning out about him but he still wasn’t gay or admitting to being gay at that time but I felt it. I was sometimes dogged out and basically teased to the point where I felt like damn our these bitches even my real friends or not the way they are coming for me and doing the stuns and shows about it.
    “You gay guys always think everyone is gay!!!!!!!!!” is some of the crap that was coming out of some of their mouths.
    What they didn’t know is many of their ‘guy friends’ thought the same thing but they were actually acting on it, if you know what I mean. WINK, WINK, WINK!!!!!!
    It was crazy how most felt this incredible, sensitive, and good-looking man could never be interested in other men and they were forgetting about their own men but I wasn’t.
    One thing I learned when Ricky Martin came out and I must add how this man is so GORGEOUS. I remember him saying that people in his life, knew of his life and his ‘real’ life, he came out awhile back to his family and friends.
    I feel the same way about Kevin because the rumors of him being gay were out there for some time along with people like Will Smith, Queen Latifah and there are some other BIG NAMES that still aren’t publicly out but live their lives.
    It’s unfortunate that his coming out has to come on the heels of Harvey and all that drama and now Anthony’s confession.

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