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‘Beach Rats’ breakout star Harris Dickinson: ‘I’m comfortable in my sexuality and in my body now’

I saw Beach Rats at Outfest last month and think its star, Harris Dickinson, is a real find. Quickly featured him as Morning Man because, well, those lips! That body! That talent! Here are some excerpts from a new interview with OUT: “It was a new experience,” he says, as was making Beach Rats, his breakout film after drama school and some stage work back home. “But I was comfortable doing it. I’m comfortable in my sexuality and in my body now. You have to come to terms with the fact that you’re going to bare yourself on-screen and it’s going to exist there forever, but I cared enough about the character that I just wanted to throw myself into it.”

“Given that for certain groups it’s a terrible time politically, I think it’s that much more important that Beach Rats was made,” he says. “And it doesn’t glorify the coming-out process—it actually presents it from a negative perspective. But I hope those watching it can find a sense of freedom in themselves. No good ever comes of suppressing your true feelings, no matter who’s around you, or where you’re from.”

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2 Remarks

  1. I’m curious. When Mr. Dickinson says he’s “comfortable in [his] sexuality,” is that an acknowledgement that he is gay or bisexual? Or is he another up-and-coming heterosexual actor who’s queer-baiting us?

  2. I have to agree with ‘Chiguy76′ in his assessment of Harris’s statement that he is comfortable in his sexuality.’To me that is the ‘code’ word for ‘I am str8 but I sympathize with the gay orientation!’(Other actors who are str8 but play gay characters use similar lines and, of course,for the gay community that’s just great as he is a ‘friend of Dorothy’s!’ However some of them come ‘out’ later on, for different reasons).

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