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“Bachelor” Sean Lowe tells Greg it would take ‘like an hour’ to explain his views on gay marriage

We all know that TV’s current Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is in hot water for saying he didn’t think a gay version of the ABC reality show would be appropriate for kids and that gays are ‘more pervert in a sense.’

I chatted with his predecessor, Sean Lowe, at that same ABC cocktail party on Friday and also asked him a question about gays.

I wondered, since Sean is getting married on national television on January 26 to a woman he met on a reality show, does he think gays should be able to get married on television or anywhere else.

He very clearly did not want to go there.

‘That’s an interesting question,’ he said. ‘I tell you what, just because of the political nature of the question I’d rather not answer.’

‘I haven’t gotten it before,’ he added. ‘ I’d have to sit down and talk to you for like an hour to fully get my opinion across.’


It would take ‘like an hour’ to answer ‘yes’ or no’?

Sean, 30, is a businessman and entrepreneur from Dallas. He was born and raised in Irving, Texas, and attended Kansas State University on a full scholarship. He was a linebacker for the football team and graduated in 2006.

He was a little more open to talking about the attention he has gotten from gay fans in the past.

‘I was aware of that. It’s all very flattering,’ he said. ‘I remember the National Enquirer or something like that had this big article about how I was the new gay icon or sex symbol, I forget how they phrased it. It’s flattering. Straight or gay, I get people who come up to me all the time and tell me they really enjoyed watching me on TV and they’re rooting for me. I think that’s incredible.’

He also doesn’t mind talking about his body: ‘I grew up in athletics and I played football in college. I just always liked fitness and being in shape. I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym, it’s always been a hobby of mine – a stress reliever. I’ve never minded taking my shirt off which they’ve asked me to do plenty of times.’

So what do you all think of Sean’s not wanting to talk about gay marriage? Is he smart to stay tight-lipped?

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4 Remarks

  1. HMMM I wonder like you, Greg.

  2. Probably doesn’t support it, but is smart enough not to say it, especially with his tv marriage coming up.

  3. By not saying anything, at least in my opinion, he answered the question. Besides, he talked about how religious he is when on the show. There ya go!

  4. He answered the way Juan Pablo should have. I can’t even watch JP anymore. I can’t root for someone like that.

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