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Austin Armacost talks being on Logo’s “The A List” Television’s reality show, The A List, debuts next week and has been compared to Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.

The difference is that all the main “characters” on the show are gay men!

One of those men is model Austin Armacost whose biggest claim to fame so far is that he once dated designer Marc Jacobs.

He talked to Socialite Life about the new show and here is an excerpt from that interview:

SL: Are you looking forward to the premiere?
Austin: Yes, very much so! You know, a lot of people have misconceptions that aren’t in the business and don’t realize that we actually see (the episode) the same time it’s released on national television. So, I’m a bit anxious, but I know we made a really good TV show so I’m excited for it to get started and for the season to kick off.

SL: As a model, I know you’re no stranger to having a camera in your face, but what was it like for you to have a camera crew following your every move for the show?
Austin: You’re always aware that they are there, but once…I mean, they couldn’t have put together a better group of six guys – at the same time we’re so cohesive but yet going against the grain with one another. I mean, everything you see is real – nothing’s set up, the emotions are real. You’ll see the whole gamut – we laugh together, we cry together, we fight – it’s a whole range of emotions. The first couple of minutes we sit down to shoot a scene, you’re aware of it, but after you get into it…we’re all friends – kind of at this point – and once you get into a normal conversation, and you’re so involved in the conversation that the cameras kind of fade away. Now, the first five, six, seven days we were shooting, I was so on edge, I was sweating like a whore in church because I thought “Oh, what if I say something wrong? What if I do this and it’s embarrassing?” But the crew was fantastic, from the producers to the assistant producers to the sound girls and camera guys – it was so comfortable. And everybody was on their game. We knew we were out to make a television show – and we did it – and it ran so smoothly. I’ve never worked in this aspect of television – I’ve done some commercials in the past – but never a reality-type setting, so I have no basis for comparison. But I think they did a fantastic job from start to finish. It ran so smoothly, there were very few hiccups I think the fact that we had a great crew and a great cast. It was very natural, everything was real and, yeah, after first few seconds the cameras just fade away and you’re having a cocktail with your buddies, talking about whatever we’re talking about.



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  1. Nausea (Nyasha) whatever SUCKS! She is an ass! She is ruining the show. I am with Austin! At least he is trying. For the fucking record he did not hit the bitch! Who the fuck is she but a name dropper! Pissed after tonights show. I can’t stand her. This is coming from two lesbians who watch the show over and over. BTW Reichen just sleep with Austin already. And Derek hang in there with Austin. He loves you. Ryan you have it together. Proud of your stance on life. Rodiney jury is still out, but glad you are working so hard. It shows. Mike you are a rock of stableness and moderation. Love you. TJ you are hilarious and fun. Who fucking needs Nyasha!!!

  2. i am so happy that auston is comming back he is just like me not too nelly and values and not afraid to say it !!!!! i love you dude!!!!!!

  3. hi auston you were my favorate you were real im looking forword to the next show if possible ? ceape your values you were more rite than wronge !!!

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