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At last, “Ciao” is out in DVD!

I’ve been waiting an awfully long time for Ciao to finally be released on DVD and today my friends is the day!

I raved about this superb indie flick when it was screened at Outfest a few summers back and have had to make do with YouTube to relive some of its scenes.

The incredibly beautiful Italian Alessandro Calza is one of the film’s stars and also co-wrote the script with director Yen Tan.

It’s the story of two men who form an unlikely bond when a mutual friend named Mark dies unexpectedly. The two men are Jeff (Adam Neal Smith), the dead man’s best friend, and Andrea (Alessandro Calza), an Italian he’d been corresponding with online before his death. It is Jeff informs Andrea of the friend’s passing, They continue their correspondence and eventually meet when Andrea travels from Italy to Texas.

It was a leap of faith to cast Calza as one of the leads in what basically an intimate two-character film with lots of dialogue.

“He’s not an actor at all,” Tan said in 2008. “That was kind of a risk I always considered. Initially when I asked him to read for the part, he emailed me some (video) clips. I thought he had a very dynamic camera presence. We went through a whole year of preparation where I instructed him about acting.”

Calza is physically so beautiful but he also brings such a charm and a lot of heart to his performance – especially in those moments when he is sharing with Jeff the things about Mark that Jeff never knew about. Whether over dinner, over beers or visiting Mark’s apartment and grave, these two form a beautiful bond and you will want to witness it so add this to your Netflix!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ciao2.jpg

VIDEO BONUS: Ciao is a movie that has a lot of talking, almost all between the two very attractive leads. Finally, toward the end, they kiss. And kiss. And kiss. I think this could be one of the sexiest kissing scenes between two men that I’ve ever seen! It’s a bit dark but I think you will still find it quite enjoyable!



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  1. I watched this last night and enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. my gosh finally! lol

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