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At 74, Cher is as interesting an interview as ever!

There’s a pretty terrific (and fun!) interview with the one and only Cher in today’s Los Angeles Times that I really enjoyed. Kudos to reporter Glenn Whipp for bringing things up like Cher’s mid-70s variety show duet with David Bowie and her channeling Holly Golightly in high school.

Here is a section of the interviews about the pandemic:

Q. If the pandemic hadn’t hit, you’d be in Wichita, Kan., right now on your concert tour. Do you miss performing?

Cher: Well, yes. But do you know what I miss more? What I miss more was how we felt, how simple life seemed to be. You know, I hugged my friend the other day, and everybody just freaked out. And I freaked out afterwards. But we’re huggy people. We were on tour when all this happened, and I’m surprised we didn’t get it because we’re very huggy people and there’s like a hundred of us.

So, of course, I’d like to be onstage. But it’s more than just that. I would just like for people to have freedom and laugh and go into CVS and look at cheap makeup. Pick out Maybelline and go, “Oh, this is still the best mascara.” Just be able to do whatever you want to do with your friends and not be worrying about people dying and what’s the number today and isn’t anybody going to do anything.

I go to my mom’s sometimes. But I have to be careful. My mom and I are not spring chickens. My mom’s 94. But my mom thinks she’s 74, OK? She keeps saying things like, “Well, you don’t have to be careful. I’m 74.” And I went, “No, mom. I’m 74.” She’s beautiful. I mean, she’s unbelievable. We all hate her. Because she’s got a gigantic mass of hair, and nobody deserves that much hair. And also, she just wears lipstick and she’s really pretty. We always yell at her when we see her.

Click HERE to see the full interview.



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