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Anna Paquin teaches Larry King about bisexuality

First of all, happy 32nd birthday to Anna Paquin!

So the other night I was watching the True Blood star (and Oscar winner for The Piano) being interview by Larry King on the Emmy-nominated online series Larry King Now.

Paquin, married to co-star Stephen Moyer, was asked by the host: ‘Are you a non-practicing bisexual?’

Paquin replied: ‘Well, I am married to my husband and we are happily monogamously married.’

King: ‘So you were bisexual?’

Paquin: ‘Well, I don’t think it’s a past-tense kind of thing. It doesn’t prevent your sexuality from existing. It doesn’t really work like that.’

Paquin said she ‘just never thought it was a big deal’ to be a bisexual and she is happy to see more people being open about their sexuality these days.

‘I think it’s fantastic. … I do know the more people who are outspoken and advocate for same-sex unions and LGBT rights, I have to believe that that makes a difference and the level of ignorance and hatred becomes less acceptable.’

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5 Remarks

  1. I love Anna and I’m going to cry constantly when True Blood is off the air. I do wish her a Happy Birthday and pray for many more. I’m just wondering if her HOT husband is ‘bisexual’ as well? I have to state that I have deal with some bisexual men throughout my life and for me it’s been a ‘rough ride’. I have been on the fence about bisexuals most of my life but I do understand a bit more since people have been coming out of the bisexual closet in the past couple of years. I can’t lie and say that I go out looking of bisexual men because I don’t but it seems that sometimes they find me. Of course, many of these guys were smoking-hot (at least to me) and I was super turned on and intrigued like you wouldn’t believe. In my head, I thought I could change their mind, their hearts and their spirit(s). Then I’m forced to have to deal with their situation, which seems complex like you can’t understand because I had no clue what was really going on. In some cases I was an adult about the entire ordeal and either made a fast getaway or just some returning phone calls. Other times, I got my heart split in two because somehow I was an experiment and they needed to really see if they liked boys (me )or girls. I used to say that most bisexual men were being ‘greedy’ and wanted everything on the menu. Then I realized that I could say that for women but in my head and in my heart of hearts, I think most women are naturally turned on by other women. Men don’t fall into that slot as easy and have to be coaxed into certain situations that look uncomfortable from the outside because they are once they further investigate. I watched a documentary with a male stripper (for gay men) but he was allegedly bisexual but living with a women and had a boyfriend. No judgment, no Shade, no T but all shade and much T. This guy was literally living the Life of Riley because he had a woman that loved him for him and he had a few male lovers and to boot, he was a HOT spirit with a Canadian accent. I got a bitter taste from my bisexual experience, lets just pray that bisexuality has matured since I was a practicing member and not on my own will or accord.

  2. July 25th, 2014 at 11:19 am
    K. Martinez says:

    @Cool Curt – I dated quite a few bisexual men back in the 1970s-80s when I was single and I didn’t have any issues with them. Their attraction to both men and women didn’t effect how I enjoyed my time with them. I also didn’t focus on their bisexuality. I focused on them as another human being. As for experimentation, everybody does it to some extent. Especially when they’re young. It’s called sampling and tasting life to find out what makes one tick. There’s nothing wrong with it. As for your bitter experience, no one forced you into it.

  3. July 25th, 2014 at 12:52 pm
    Jim Steele says:

    Such a smart, talented and diplomatic woman! Brava girl!

  4. I consider myself to be bisexual. I was happily married for seven monogamous years, but I’ve been exclusively with males since the divorce. I guess I’m more psychologically attuned to men, but I’m glad I sampled life on both sides of the coin.

  5. @ K Martinez- Since your not single now (I’m just assuming from what your wrote), how about if your better half comes to you and you been involved for some time and now they are dropping that they are now bisexual? This is something that you never imagined in a million years would be coming in your relationship that seemed iron clad solid. What do you do then? Would it change your entire life? Do you still think that he or she is experimenting?
    Those kind of situations might not have happened every time I was with an alleged bisexual man but it happened a few times. Bitter, I don’t think but aware of my past and would pray, I wouldn’t experience it in my future. I don’t have no crystal ball, so I don’t know and I can’t worry but I had to express myself.
    Back then I was making plans for my future with this person because we had some kind of connection. Yes, some times it was physical but other times, it felt like it was so easy and awesome being with this person. I’m not talking someone that I just met or went out on a few dates with. Him and I didn’t just run into one another and hooked up for the sake of doing so.
    This person and myself were exclusive or at least I thought we were. OK, I was exclusive and then after a few months, I was being told that they were interested in me and Suzie Q who lived up the street.
    Not someone I never seen but someone I knew and even better is how this guy (my alleged boyfriend) I been seeing and dating for some time, feels the need to let her (Suzie Q)know. Like me, she was clueless and our getting serious would prompt this action.

    K Martinez, maybe it just me but it seems like your coming for me and I was just writing how I felt and my experiences. I wasn’t trying to come off bitter but if you recognize my ‘bitterness’, maybe your a bit bitter too. It takes one bitter person to recognize another.

    We are all human and I never looked at anyone for just the physical aspect but when your younger, it’s not an unlikely thing to date, hook up with looks and the entire ordeal of as you put it ‘experimenting’ on deck. You dropped this cute phrase about ‘knowing what makes you tick’, I thought it was clever but most guys and even girls are just downright horny when they are younger.
    The wind can blow in their direction and they are ready and not that I was any different but I matured really fast, even when I should have been experimenting (as you put it). I was so ready for that Knight-in-shining-armor and the entire ideal of Mr. Right was going to to happen to and for me but I knew I couldn’t sit around or wait for this to happen. Sometimes I had to make some moves and realize actually what I was looking for, what I truly and whole-heartedly liked and what kind of guy I thought I needed. Of course, nothing changed.
    Heck, I’m still looking and not giving up or the aspect of love because regardless of how bitter I seem and according to you, I’m a romantic and there is someone for everyone.
    I’m not too old but I’m not too young either and even now, I’m single and it’s not an easy trade to find someone that isn’t caught up in looks and all the hoopla surrounding gay men with the Top and Bottom ordeal. Along with stats and the ideal of someone being too fat or too old and I can’t forget the nationality ordeal.
    An intelligent person like yourself, might call it ‘preference’ but I’m a simple guy and I know I’m not for everyone but believe it or not, I been someone all about personality, for as long as I remember. Yet, I always thought that made me a catch because I wasn’t interested in what you looked like but in some circles that doesn’t all fly. Someone having a great personality, I’m on board but others don’t feel that way.

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