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Anderson Cooper’s eye roll during contentious Kellyanne Conway interview is an absolute classic

It was the eye roll seen around the world.

Anderson Cooper was interviewing controversial White House advisor Kellyanne Conway on CNN this week to get her to try and explain why Donald Trump had suddenly fired FBI Director James Comey.

‘You don’t think it looks odd at all that the president of the United States is firing the guy who’s leading the investigation into the president’s White House and the people around the president?’ Cooper asked Conway.

Conway, who coined the phrase ‘alternative facts, did not.

‘The president is not under investigation. I’m around the president, I’m not under investigation,’ she said. ‘I can name several people in that same situation.’

Cooper went on to play a series of clips from the campaign trail in which candidate Trump had praised Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation – one of the reasons now being cited for his firing.

Conway replied: ‘You’re conflating two things that don’t belong together. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win Michigan and how we were going to do it, so that was fun.’

This prompted what The Daily Beast describes as ‘the largest eye roll from Cooper ever seen on cable news.’

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5 Remarks

  1. I don’t know why any credible news org would bother having Conjob on. She NEVER EVER answers the question asked and brings everything back to Hillary and the election. Anderson’s eye roll says it all.

    Conjob would insist crude oil tasted like hot chocolate if you paid her enough. Total waste of time having her on.

  2. May 11th, 2017 at 1:17 pm
    Robin Dutcher says:

    I LOVE Anderson and I LOVED the eyeroll. Kellyanne Conway is a typical blonde bimbo ditz!!!! She doesn’t get it at all!!!!

  3. The Crypt Keeper is a paid spokesliar. I don’t believe one word that comes out of her mouth. In fact, I’m kinda going crazy from all the lies told daily to us from so many people with this administration. I just don’t understand how this is tolerated.

  4. May 11th, 2017 at 1:29 pm
    Richard V says:

    That lying piece of sh*t, she’s not even a good liar. Why have her on the program?
    Speaking on “Conjob”, that is exactly what Trump is, a Conman staging his own reality show like that Celebrity Apprentice show I never watch.

  5. If there is anyone I really dislike it is this woman. I roll my eyes each time she is on TV. Miss Conway is the original Dracula’s Daughter. She never answers a question anyway.

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