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Andy Cohen gets serious about vandalism at Jewish cemetery: ‘This is extremely personal for me’

As you know, Andy Cohen doesn’t often get very serious on his late night show Watch What Happens Live.

But the openly gay host took a few moments this week to condemn the vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri.

It turns out Cohen has relatives buried at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City.

‘This is extremely personal for me because my great-grandparents and many other of my relatives are buried there in that cemetery,’ Cohen said.

‘I don’t have to have a personal connection though to know that this is not who we are as Americans, and this certainly should not be where we’re heading.’

He added: ‘We are not even two months in 2017 and already there have been 69 reported bomb threats to [Jewish Community Centers] in 27 states. A synagogue was defaced, swastikas have been drawn on the subway here in New York City and now this.

‘This does not feel like a coincidence. We cannot allow acts of hate against anyone to become normal. We have got to do better as a country.’



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3 Remarks

  1. Welcome to President Brannon’s America-anti Semitic, anti LGBT, anti woman, anti Latino, anti everything that doesn’t fit into the White Supremacist agenda.

  2. This kind of disrespect is personal for everyone, no matter who you are or where your ancestors are buried. If not, it should be. We are facing an upheaval in hate which, of course, was spurred on for the past year and a half + by Neon Hitler. The fact the he had to READ his comment about anti-sentimism and his voice was flat and had absolutely zero passion or compassion….well, it’s very telling. Also, his and pEnce’s words against hate and bigotry truly took a WHOLE LOTTA GALL! I still can’t get over the hypocrisy.

  3. Well said, Joe & FAEN.

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