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Anderson Cooper on Kathy Griffin: ‘I hope she bounces back and keeps doing what she does best’

They won’t be co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage together anymore but apparently Anderson Cooper still considers Kathy Griffin to be a friend.

‘She and I have been friends for a long time, and I want nothing but good things for her,’ Cooper said over the weekend during a live show with Andy Cohen in Phoenix, Arizona.

Griffin was fired from the CNN gig after more than a decade in the aftermath of severe backlash over a photo she posed for with what appeared to be a decapitated Donald Trump.

Cooper publicly criticized the comic on Twitter: ‘For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.’

Griffin was clearly hurt by Cooper’s words. She could only manage to silently shake her head no at a 2 June press conference when asked if she had spoken to Cooper since CNN fired her.

‘I think when you’re friends with somebody you can say that,’ Cooper said in defense of his tweet.

He added: ‘I wish her well, and I hope she bounces back and keeps doing what she does best, which is make people laugh.’

The two had not only been a successful television team for more than a decade, they have also been personal friends, appeared on each other’s talk shows and even did a CNN pilot together.

Griffin is also good friends with Cooper’s famous mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

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4 Remarks

  1. Whatever CNN-you fire Griffin but you still keep Jeffrey fucking Lord? Seriously??

  2. Faen, Thank You! I can’t watch CNN much anymore, too many trumpettes being hired. Not to mention how AC kissed Trumps ass during the campaign. It is and was too much.

  3. June 14th, 2017 at 6:18 am
    K. Martinez says:

    If Anderson Cooper was truly Kathy Griffin’s friend, then that was a really shitty thing to do to her. He just threw her under the bus to maintain his own reputation. You don’t do that to friends. What a jackass!

    With friends like that, who needs enemas.

  4. I agree….I have been thinking about this for awhile…What I would do…I would stick up for my friend…I have read “Andy’s” comments on several occasions…He is not a good friend…Selfish….Self-centered….and Self-centered…He comes across condescending…This is not about being right or wrong in what Kathy G. did…It’s weather how you stick with a friend through thick or thin…

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