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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen talk about their friendship and co-hosting CNN’s NY Eve coverage

The two Acs are doing the publicity round to hype their co-hosting CNN’s New year’s Eve coverage together for the first time.

Here are some excerpts from their interview with

Q: Anderson, you’ve hosted the show since 2002, but this is the first time Andy is joining you. What tips have you given Andy about the experience?
Cooper: Andy keeps talking about what he’s going to wear, which is the least of my concerns. I don’t think he understands how cold it is on New Years Eve. He keeps talking about getting a fitting for something to wear. I’m like, ‘You don’t need a fitting, you need arctic boots.’
Cohen: I know, but you haven’t sent me pictures of the boots. You keep saying you’re going to tell me exactly what boots to wear, so I’m just looking at, like, fun boots.
Cooper: If only there was a machine where you could type the words ‘arctic boots’ in and find out what arctic boots look like …

Q: You two have been traveling with AC² for 3 years now. Who has the most annoying travel habit?
Cooper: Oh I do, without a doubt.
Cohen: He’s very moody.
Cooper: Andy’s even-keeled and happy, pretty much wherever he is. And if he’s not happy, he will take out his phone and do an Instagram Story about being not happy, and the Instagram Story will be so funny that it makes everybody around him happy. We were stuck in the Dallas airport the other weekend—
Cohen: —You need a little gum.
Cooper: Oh Jesus! I just woke up.
Cohen: Well, we’re very close right now.
Cooper: Is that my problem?
Cohen: Look, he has Listerine.
Cooper: We were at the Dallas airport—
Cohen: —Oh you smell gorgeous!
Cooper: Oh shut up! You tell it.
Cohen: He was eating Panda Express at 9 a.m. in the airport. This is what I’m looking at? I’m having a bagel like a civilized human being, and he’s just scarfing down Chinese food. And, by the way, he was eating like an animal.
Cooper: I hadn’t had dinner! It was very good!

Q: What makes your friendship work so well?
Cohen: I like making him laugh. Obviously, what we are broadcasting could not be more diametrically opposed. But there’s a commonality that we have in that we’re both live on TV at night. And I think that’s something we share that other’s don’t.
Cooper: There’s nothing better for me anyway than being on stage in front of a crowd of 3,000 people or whatnot and making people laugh. Just telling stories and being yourself—
Cohen: But this question is about us. He was asking about us.
Cooper: Well, I know but I was just saying…
Cohen: Oh, okay. You made it seem like it was about you.

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  1. Wouldn’t watch this if you paid me.

  2. What they did to Kathy was just deplorable.

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