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And the new Will Horton is … Guy Wilson!

We’re not supposed to yet know who will be replacing Chandler Massey as Will Horton on Days of Our Lives but we do: it’s Guy Wilson!

NBC has not made an official announcement but the news has been leaked!

Cast member Jen Lilley, who plays my least favorite character Teresa, let the cat out of the bag tonight on the Blog Talk Radio series, Lather Up With Littany.

Lilley was talking about the difficulties and challenges being a recast on a daytime soap opera, especially of a popular character.

According to, she said: “I am very worried for Guy Wilson, who is replacing Chandler (Massey), because I love Chandler.  It’s really hard to be a recast, and I can understand from an audiences point of view also why it’s hard.  It’s tricky.  I always give the analogy of my favorite show:  If anyone but Michael C. Hall played “Dexter”, I would freak out.   I hope people will be nice to Guy Wilson, because there is a scary thing built into being a recast because of the audience, and the awesome fan base.  You guys are so loyal!”

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10 Remarks

  1. Good luck to him but I’m sorry he just doesn’t do it for me. There is only one Will and that’s Chandler, after he leaves I will no longer watch. Which is a shame as I love Freddie but I just can’t see him with anyone else.

  2. I don’t like recastings, I think there are clever ways to find alternatives; life doesn’t recast. And I don’t mean killing the character, that’s not the only reason a character can leave.
    You can not build a credible continuation with someone else; beyond likeness other things are at play, like body language, etc. and make it harder for the audience to connect. They could’ve just invented –after a while- a new love interest for Sonny. In that way the new actor has less pressure and people can build a bond anew.

  3. Chandler leaving…Why?? Interesting to see how Guy settles into the role.

  4. Before Chandler Massey, Will was played by Taylor and Shawn Carpenter, Darian Weiss, Christopher Gerse and Dylan Patton respectively. Will is a fictional character and soaps have been re-casting since the days of radio. Get used it it.

  5. I don’t watch, but give him a chance people! People get too invested in some of these kinds of things, such as the uproar over Ben Affleck taking over the Batman role. Everyone deserves a chance.

  6. I don’t know.

    He doesn’t do anything for me based on pictures alone. But maybe he’s a great actor.

    But I’m disappointed that Chandler is leaving. But I know Chandler will go on to greater things.

  7. I welcome the new Will! Maybe he won’t smile or giggle through every scene.

  8. I welcome Guy Wilson! I love Chandler Massey, but I also love Freddie Smith. The key thing is that this is a wonderful storyline that needs our support. This will be a very interesting twosome that could create more sparks than we can handle!

  9. Too bad Chandler is leaving- he really bulked himself up for the role, and he was magnificent in becoming teary-eyed on cue. I hope ‘Guy’ is as good at being ‘Gay’. I mean Chandler really brought depth to the role, and I wish Guy the best of luck.

  10. Good luck to the new person playing Will.

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