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An afternoon of “Glee” at Outfest 2009

Outfest organizers hit iut out of the park by organizing a Glee screening and panel discussion on Saturday at the DGA. The theater was nearly sold out and the audience was just giddy with excitement to watch the long-awaited second episode of the show which debuted in the spring after the finale of American Idol.

Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch (pictutured above) along with Lea Michele joined the show’s producers to chat about this magical musical comedy that follows an optimistic high school teacher (Morrison) as he tries to transform the ragtag group that makes up Glee Club into competitors for Nationals.

FOX will re-air the show’s pilot – complete with additional footage not seen before – on Sept. 9.  The next week, on Sept. 16, the second episode will air. But Outfest-goers have already seen it!

Here are some highlights from the post-screening discussion with photos by Brian Putnam.

Matthew Morrison may have starred in such Broadway musicals as Hairspray, South Pacific and Night at the Piazza, but he’s been trying to land a series for awhile now. He made pilots five years running but none were picked up – until Glee: “If I could have written a role for myself, this would have been it. This [has] everything I do well. I feel like it’s me out there.”

Jane Lynch’s cheerleader advisor character is an absolute hoot and gets the most reliable laughs. She almost missed out on being a regular though: “I was committed to a pilot on ABC and went in as a guest star. A few episodes in (the ABC show) fell apart and I’m glad it did because this is where I want to be and here I am.”

The series marks the professional debut for Chris Colfer, who is the show’s only gay character – so far. Chris shared how he got the coveted role: “I had an agent who was a friend of a friend who would send me to a pity audition about once a month.”

He disclosed that his character, Kurt, will come out to a fellow Glee club member in a future episode then after that, come out to his father.

He’s just a few years out of high school himself where, he said, “I was at the bottom of the food chain – absolute bottom. I was the president of the Writing Club which had one member – me. My friends were the lunch ladies … So I could definitely relate to the glee club because that was my life.”

Lea Michele had just come off of the Broadway smash Spring Awakening when Glee came into her life. Although her character is the club’s breakout talent, that was not the case when the actress was actually iun high school: “My music teacher hated me and she was so evil!”



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  1. Matthew Morrison was in LIGHT IN the Piazza, not Night at the Piazza! :)


  3. I’m so upset, I’m in town visiting and I missed this :( :(

  4. dude. this thing needs to be proofread

    but i love glee.

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