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‘American Idol’ finalist La’Porsha~Renae: ‘I chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years’

Uh boy. One-time American Idol finalist La’Porsha~Renae is claiming on Twitter that she is not gay anymore.

‘I chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years. I chose a belief system that felt TRUE to my spirit,’ she tweeted.

The 23-year-old singer finished as runner-up behind Trent Harmon during the 15th and final season of the show which ended last year.

Renae had angered fans after her time on the show ended when she said she ‘doesn’t agree’ with the LGBTI ‘lifestyle.’

She later apologized and said she has ‘a lot of friends and a lot of people that I love dearly who are gay and homosexual and they’re such sweet, nice people.’

Her tweets this week were in response to an accusation that she is homophobic.

‘Phobia is a fear. I’m not afraid of homosexuals, nor do I hate them. I respect and love EVERYONE,’ she wrote.

Then she added: ‘You’re wrong to think it’s not a choice for some….because it was for me.’

Renae then made her claim to no longer be gay when she was asked to elaborate on what she meant about sexuality being a choice.

When challenged on her statement the singer replied: ‘Lol now who’s judging? U haven’t walked in my shoes, so don’t try to diagnose me…it’s not your place 2 tell me what I was/wasn’t.’

She added: ‘This convo is over. Point is that we should love and respect EVERYONE regardless of our different belief systems.’

After her tweets caught fire on Wednesday, Renae sent an email to HuffPost and wrote in part: ‘Me choosing to be straight does not in any way reflect on my love for homosexuals. I’ve been told that I’m a bigot, a hypocrite, a gay basher, a homophobic. I’m none of those things. I LOVE EVERYONE. ANYONE is welcome to hang out with me and have fun, or sit down with me and talk. I don’t discriminate against anyone.’
Wish her the best – especially when she realizes the whole ‘I’m not gay anymore’ thing hasn’t really worked for anyone ever.

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10 Remarks

  1. LMAO-and you choose to be African American as well I suppose. Get some therapy.

  2. She added: ‘This convo is over. Point is that we should love and respect EVERYONE regardless of our different belief systems.’

    This isn’t ‘different’-this is self loathing and stupidity. I do not respect you at all. Period.

  3. PS-You love everyone except yourself.

  4. Unwed mother. Not very bright. WAY OVER-RATED on Idol. She used her kid as a prop to get her to second place; I’m just glad she didn’t win since I couldn’t stand her. Now, not making even a tiny ripple in the music community. So, let’s drag out your most personal business, no matter how f**ked up it is for attention? Who gives a hoot who you’re doing these days anyhow. So, whether you’re now heterosexual like you were before you took two years to be a lesbian, yes, indeed that was YOUR CHOICE. For the vast majority of gay people, they were never given a choice or have the capability to be able to flip from being attracted to and having sex with people other than their own sex, and that’s a fact. What you did was “try something out” and you obviously liked it enough to do it for two years, so enjoy whomever has the distinction of the being the next person you have sex with, male or female. Just shut up about it and keep it to yourself.

  5. P.S. Your hair STILL looks RIDICULOUS!

  6. She was never lesbian. She is flexible, like MANY women, and simply acted on it for a while. So now she’s fucking all the rest of us by making such idiotic claims. I’m sure the religious nuts are already latching on to this.

    She’s a terrible role model for her child and what talent she does have is overshadowed by her large mouth and ignorant opinions. She’s nothing but trash.

  7. A very stupid & uneducated thing to say. I’m going to take her age into consideration on this one. She’s 23 and clearly has a lot of growing to do as a person.

  8. Who now?

  9. And that’s why labeling things in just two opposites (good or wrong, black or white, gay or straight) leads some people to claim things that are not accurate. She was never a lesbian, she may have had some same sex relationship/experience (and this is IF we believe on what she claims, that she always told the truth) and surely enough then she may fall under some of the colors of the rainbow (bi) sexuality. Comments like these cause so much damage to people who are pressured, even to the point of suicide, for “not choosing to be normal”, it’s horrifying if you think about it. She may even be quoted by ignorant and conservative people on this issue.

  10. March 11th, 2017 at 11:32 am
    Trippy Trellis says:

    I suppose her name is a variation of Porsche, which doesn’t suit her at all. Much more appropriate would have been La’Jalopa, a variation of jalopy.

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