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‘American Horror Story’ star Cheyenne Jackson wants gays to stop ‘tearing each other down’

Cheyenne Jackson has been filled with thoughts in the two weeks since 49 people were killed in a massacre inside of a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Thoughts about how members of the LGBT community should be treating each other moving forward.

‘We need to start by not tearing each other down, even within our own community,’ the out singer and actor tells

‘Even in our community, somebody comes out of the closet and someone starts ripping how they came out. “It’s not good enough or strong enough…” It’s the negativity. We have to stop tearing each other down.

‘Like everyone else, I wasn’t able to leave the house for four days [after Orlando]. You feel so impotent and powerless. What’s important is loving each other, banding together, lifting each other up, and of course tackling all the major issues we’re in the middle of tackling.’

Jackson is currently in the middle of filming a new season of America Horror Story and has just released a new album called Renaissance.

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One Remark

  1. June 29th, 2016 at 10:42 am
    K. Martinez says:

    Not only is Cheyenne Jackson the hottest gay man in the media (my opinion of course) but he’s also right on!

    I came out as GAY at 15 years of age back in 1975 to my family and friends at school. Did it cost me? Yes, it cost me my “friends”. I didn’t know any other way to live at that time. That doesn’t mean I’m a better gay person than someone who comes out at 35, 50 or who never comes out. It just means I did it my way and at the time that was right for me.

    I’ve worked with gay men who helped in furthering LBGT causes through political action behind the scenes, but who also never came out to their parents or family for whatever reasons known to them. That doesn’t make them less a person or less of a gay person because of it. They still contributed a lot of their time to the cause. I agree with Mr. Jackson that we need to stop tearing each other down. It really is an ugly. And that includes tearing down people who come out as bisexual or sexually fluid.

    Thanks for the message, Cheyenne! I always liked you.

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