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Amanda Bynes picks fight with Lance Bass, calling him ‘ugly’ ex-boy bander – he responds

About 5-6 years ago, I met Amanda Bynes in Palm Springs during an outdoor screening of the film Hairspray in which she co-starred.

I remember her being so bright and charming and healthy and thought, ‘It’s too bad Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears aren’t like this girl.’

Well, Amanda is displaying even more bizarre behavior than those two and Twitter is allowing the whole world to watch this sad train wreck.

Clearly something is wrong and I hope she can get the help she needs.

Anyway, Lance Bass got slapped down by Bynes on Twitter when he reached out earlier this week to let her know that he misses her, loves her and if she needs him he is he for her.

Bynes took to Twitter to say this about Bass: ‘I ignored Lance Bass on twitter and now he is saying I have mental illness.  Sorry you’re an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career.’ Bynes also said in a later tweet that she has not seen Bass in eleven years.

On his SiriusXM show “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass” Thursday night, Bass shared his reaction to this chain of events, set the record straight.

This makes me think it’s not really her tweetingthe Amanda I know would never say that about me…she [the old Amanda] doesn’t even exist anymore. Whoever this person is tweeting is not even her.”

I reached out, and I got it back in a negative way.…I really don’t know if it’s her [on Twitter] [because] she….responded ‘I haven’t seen Lance in eleven years.’

Unless she’s that crazy, I just saw her less than three years ago at my birthday party.  We shot a movie [Love Wrecked] and spent three months together…seven years ago. We lived in the Dominican Republic together for three months within that eleven years. I never met Amanda until Love Wrecked…and that was 2005, so I didn’t even meet her eleven years ago. I didn’t know her [then].For her to not even know that she saw me [during the past] eleven years, there’s something wrong. This is not her normal state. I know Amanda Bynes and she’s just a sweetheart.”

On why he reached out to her on Twitter instead of personally, Bass said:  “All the smart people know that I’m trying to get to her because she deleted all of her email addresses and cell phone numbers so none of her friends can get in touch with her. Everything is deleted. She obviously has a cell…she’s tweeting, but none of her friends can get to her. Her family can’t get to her…so the only way into her life is through Twitter.”

“So at least she saw my tweet saying that I’m there for her if she needs it, at least I know she read that. It’s not a fight when I don’t fight back. [If] you say something nice and someone slaps you down that’s not a fight….that’s a one-sided fight. I reached out and she took that the wrong way….[she thinks] I hate her. She’s taken all these lending, helping hands [and overtures people have made publicly] as we’re making fun of her.”

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4 Remarks

  1. Well….she needs to go away for good!

  2. June 1st, 2013 at 5:40 am
    RichB in PS says:

    Had an opportunity to meet her [and Zac Efron] the PSIFF gala honoring the movie/Hairspray and the original cast of Hairspray as well. Having one-on-one face-to-face contact for only an hour, I did not get the same positive impression as you/Greg. I also recall the uncomfortable look on Zac’s face most of the evening – may be it was just the stress of that evening.

  3. June 2nd, 2013 at 8:05 pm
    2201 East says:

    When I see this woman, I think I like to todo a psych intake on her. Used to think it was just her drug of choice-think she’s beyond that now.

  4. I’m just amazed at how far Amanda has fallen. I hope that she is able to get help before its too late.

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