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All About Carrie: A round-up of reaction to Prejean

Carrie Prejean has everybody talking today about her rather strange appearance on Larry King Live Wednesday night. He threatened to walk out of the interview and at one point took her microphone off when King asked her about her lawsuit settlement with the Miss California USA pageant.

King Prejean

She told the King, who turns 76 next week, that he was being “inappropriate” for asking why she decided to suddenly settle. It has been widely reported that Prejean quickly settled for far less than the $1 million she had been seeking because a sex tape she had made for an ex-boyfriend had surfaced.

King told Entertainment Tonight earlier today that he “didn’t understand it all” when Prejean called him “inappropriate.”

“I won’t even dignify it,” he said. “I didn’t ask anything wrong. I didn’t know what was inappropriate. I’m doing my job.”

Carrie has a new book out called Still Standing which came out just days after news of the sex tape surfaced. It’s the latest in a string of controversies that have surrounded her beginning with the night of the Miss USA pageant where she was asked by blogger Perez Hilton, a judge, about gay marriage. She stated her opposition to what she called “opposite marriage” and this later ignited a feud with Hilton that Prejean has parlayed into becoming a darling of the far right and something of a poster child against gay marriage.

She was later fired as Miss California for not doing her job, two sets of topless photos surfaced, news of her breast implants were made public, lawsuits and counter-suits were filed and on and on and has now come to a head this week with the book and a string of memorable appearances to say the least!

Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization, reacts to the Larry King appearance: “Well, I actually was watching. I am a big fan of Larry King and I was watching this and I was very surprised to see it because she was talking about how inappropriate [Larry King] was,” he said in an interview with HLN’s Showbiz Tonight.

“‘Inappropriate’ is more of a sexual term, as far as I’m concerned,” Trump went on to say. “I mean — inappropriate? He asked a very, very easy question and I was surprised that she just didn’t say, ‘Hey, listen, I can’t answer that question.’ Instead she wants to walk off the stage? It was very surprising.”

Below is King’s fellow CNN anchor Anderson Cooper called the whole incident “bizarre” and noted that while Prejean is smiling through it all: “The smile that masks so much.”

And finally, there are the ladies of The View who had hosted Prejean on their show a day earlier.
Huffington Post provides a blow-by-blow of the ladies discussing Prejean’s behavior on King’s show:

Predictably, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepard attempted to defend Prejean, arguing that King shouldn’t have pushed her on the subject because he should have known it was off-limits. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, however, thought Prejean handled herself poorly.

“All I’m asking is, be fair to her,” Elisabeth said.

“You know what, she’s also got to be fair,” Whoopi responded. “We had her on the show, we asked legitimate questions. And maybe they were not the most comfortable, but she was a little bitchy, I have to say….so I’m a little cranky at her.”

“I think what she is experiencing is a little of a backlash that maybe is unwarranted in some ways, and she is fighting for her life at this point,” Elisabeth said.

“She’s the one who put herself out there, she didn’t have to write the book!” Joy shot back. “She can go into hiding, nobody would care. They’d say, ‘Oh that pretty girl, what happened to her?’”

“Why do you hate her so much?” Elisabeth asked Joy.

“I don’t hate her, I hate hypocrisy,” Joy responded. “I don’t hate her, Elisabeth. Don’t say that. It has nothing to do with hate.”

Here is the video:

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2 Remarks

  1. Dear Carrie Prejean:

    Your 15 minutes are now up. We truly hope you have enjoyed your moment in the limelight, but please pack your things and go. We wish well as you return to your private life.

    The World

  2. First let me say that I do not agree with Ms. Prejean’s politics or points of view.
    That having been said, the media is sensationalizing what happened for profit.

    That was no ‘breakdown” or ‘meltdown’ she had. Her response was calm, collected and very ‘appropriate’. Considering the circumstances, the use of the word ‘inappropriate’ was polite if not correct. I ask you to consider this, which parts of “is completely confidential” and “I’m not at liberty to discuss” are hard to understand?

    Let us set aside our personal opinions for a moment and put ourselves in her place. At the same time, let’s put this in its proper perspective.

    From the ‘interview’, one can clearly see that it was agreed ahead of time that there were to be subjects she could not or would not discuss. It was obvious that she was not to take phone calls. It looks more like she was ambushed and the media is trying to use lack of popularity to cover it up. Considering what happened to her, I think she showed amazing restraint. Larry King gets paid to ask questions. When he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he kept asking the same question until he made news.

    I am far from conservative, but even I can see that there are times that the ‘media’ has attempted to redefine acceptable human behavior. Too many people are being accused of ‘blowing up’,having a ‘breakdown’ or ‘meltdown’ lately just to sell headlines or cover up the media’s own embarrassment.

    Lastly, Mr. Trump, please pay someone to buy you a dictionary. Then, pay them to look up the word ‘inappropriate’ for you. The word ‘sex’ isn’t even in its definition.

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