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Alan Thicke ‘shocked and somewhat frightened’ by fallout over Kirk Cameron’s anti-gay remarks

Kirk Cameron certainly caused quite a stir last month with his comments against gay marriage and homosexuality being ‘detrimental,’ ‘unnatural’ and ‘ultimately destructive.’

Alan Thicke, who played Cameron’s dad on the long-running sitcom Growing Pains, had quickly taken to Twitter to and joked: “I love Kirk but I may have to spank him…’tho not in a gay way!”

The Six Pack had a chat with Thicke this week about Cameron and other topics which you can find in their entirety HERE.

Here are some excerpts they kindly sent me:

On Cameron’s remarks: “Kirk took quite a beating the last couple of weeks. He and I were in touch over all of [the controversy]. Basically I told him I wanted to stay out of the conversation and I’d throw in a few jokes, he should understand where I was coming from and that I respect his right to say whatever he feels. I just didn’t happen to agree with him.. I also believe in fossils and dinosaurs!”

On the backlash that followed – from both sides: “I was shocked and somewhat frightened by all of the fallout from the remarks from Kirk on Piers Morgan. I was astonished at all the hate mongering venom spewing vitriol that I saw. Going both ways, in both directions. It wasn’t only the incredibly hypocritical Christian wing who was calling me names, really vicious mean ugly kind of commentary, for my support of the gay and lesbian community. On the other hand, the gay and lesbian community attacking Kirk and all evangelicals and people of faith, that wasn’t right. I was quite surprised at the level of anger and meanness on both sides.”

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7 Remarks

  1. Try disrespecting Afro-Americans or Muslims in that way and see what happens. I am really tired of being made the bad guy when people (of faith?) openly assault us verbally and we respond. Kirk may be a great guy if you are straight but he is “Christian unless your gay”.

  2. April 5th, 2012 at 9:21 am
    K. Martinez says:

    Alan Thicke must really be naive. If he was relegated to second-class status or subjected to daily negative reinforcement simply for being who he is, then perhaps he would be less shocked as to why Cameron received this kind of response from the gay community. I think Alan lives in too comfortable a place to understand what LGBT people go through and are subjected to on a daily basis. He just doesn’t get how really ugly it is.

  3. As they usedvto say in school, Kirk started it.

  4. I totally agree with Alan Thicke, this oversensitive vibe, PR culture is ugly and quite disgusting…Medias are really the first to blame actually, they love to create shit..And i say this as someone who fights everydays for minorities but in a smart not hateful way.

  5. There is a “gay way” to spank someone? Sounds like a straight man’s fantasy to me.

  6. Really disappointed in you, Alan! You are trying to sit on the fence – not for, yet not against. It’s time to choose a side. And, I must say. you were the object of many a teenage fantasy, you hot bear YOU!!!!

  7. October 28th, 2014 at 9:32 pm
    god is for irrationalists says:

    What’s really sad about Kirk Cameron is what’s “ticking” inside this man. I feel that Kirk is suffering from a major depressive disorder and personality disorder. There’s no doubt that the man is delusional. Psychotic? Manic?

    Perhaps Kirk has just gone off the deep end knowing that he’s a has-been; a one time “star” of an inferior ’80s sitcom and nothing else to show for his work in front of a camera. He’s aging, his looks have faded away and he knows that he has lost his credibility amongst his peers and the public with his insane religious-right garbage.

    !!!Kirk needs to seek professional psychiatric help!!! There are many safe and effective psychotropic prescription medications that this man would very likely benefit from. He needs to get himself a good psychiatrist that can get him on a medication plan along with a good counselor.

    In the catholic church alone it is estimated that over 70% of priests suffer from some sort of psychiatric disorder, and over 80% of catholic nuns have mental health issues. The cloistered orders of catholic nuns have the highest percentage of nuns with schizophrenia than any other orders.

    I would assume that mental health disorders are highly prevalent in all religions of those who represent those faiths. Belief in god and following any religion is irrelevant and irrational. Everything that science affords us is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    The two greatest scientists alive today: Sir Doctor Richard Dawkins and Sir Doctor Steven Havking have afforded the world cutting edge discoveries and scientific scrutiny of how the universe was born, how all life began, and importantly: proof that there is NO god and NO afterlife.

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