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Afternoon Greg: Swimmer makes nice ass of himself; John Barrowman’s kiss; Palin’s mysterious appeal

Wow. It has been a hectic day that would have been a lot less hectic if I hadn’t had to go to the doctor to have him check a big red welt on my neck that surfaced while I was in The OCĀ  with family. It is a spider bite so had to get a cortisone shot. Ouch!

But, I did not cry.

Italy Swimming World ChampionshipsTHE NAKED TRUTH: So hey, enough about me. Have you heard about the US swimming star who split his swimsuit at the World Championships, had no time to change and did his race with his rather nice ass in plain view of everyone?

Well, you have now!

Beijing relay gold medalist Ricky Berens tore the back of his swimsuit in a qualifying heat of the 4x100m relay freestyle on Sunday when he leaned down to stretch and his suit tore.

“I kind of freaked out for just a second,” Berens told the press later. “I felt like [the hole] was almost down to my knees. I felt like I was putting on a pretty good show.”

He did. And the US qualified for finals and won. What a cutie pie, huh?

A SCI-FI KISS: Torchwood star John Barrowman, an openly gay dreamboat, was at in San Diego over the weekend and introduced to the crowd by Dr. Who star David Tennant. After John takes the mic, David comes back over and gives him a kiss on the lips.

It isn’t the full-on make-out scene I would have liked but John’s post-kiss level of glee is priceless. I wonder of John realizes there are thousands – maybe millions! -0f gay men who would react exactly the same way if they were kissed by the deliciously naughty John!

DUMBER THAN A FLOCK OF PALINS: Look, I know that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has her supporters. That’s why I watched her farewell speech on Sunday with such rapt attention. I was trying to see what it is that people see in her.

Since more than half of the speech was incoherent, I’ve come to the conclusion that her supporters must be as bats as she is.

Sorry if this offends you.

But if this is your idea of a potential national leader, then you need to either have your head examined or your IQ checked.

There just does not seem to be any there there ya know? And there never was it seems. She is probably fine in local politics but her charisma got her to the governor’s office only to have her flake out on that job and try and make it sound like it’s a logical thing to do.

This woman defies logic!


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3 Remarks

  1. I think Palin was smoking some blooming fireweed before that speech.
    John Barrowman is so damn cute – what a great clip.

  2. Very well written, Greg. I always wondered why this unread, redneck woman draws so much support. Answer: A lot of batty people out there. Scary. Adorable photo of Ricky Berebs!

  3. What a wonderful surprise to see his backside.

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