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Afternoon Greg: Positive poll results; Anderson Cooper interviews ladies of “The View,” Zac’s hair

It’s a gorgeous day out there so what am I doing inside the Insomia Cafe with all these writer types? I’m gonna post this then go get some sunshine! Might have a post or two later before heading out to WeHo to see the new and improved Mickey’s for the first time then have dinner with my pal Michael. POLLS: Two new polls regasrding LGBT equality show that people like Carrie Prejean, Rick Warren and Virginia Foxx Рgee, what a hall of shame! Рare on the wrong side of history. A new ABC News-Washington Post poll released today is the first ever to show more support for same-sex marriage than opposition: 49 percent support versus 46 percent against. Also, 53 percent  say gay marriages held legally in another state should be recognized as legal in their states.The shift, the poll states, has occurred across ideological groups.

Then there is Don’t Ask, Don;t Tell, the military’s discriminatory policy against its gay and lesbian members. It is an appalling and wrong-headed policy that needs to be overturned five minutes ago. Maybe President Obama – who was terrific in his press conference last night BTW – will feel more emboldened to do away with DADT with poll results like these: According to results of The Quinnipiac University Poll, 56 percent say the ban should be repealed versus 37 percent who want it to remain. The numbers among voters with family in the military are 50 percent in favor of repeal and 43 percent against.

The Quinnipiac University Poll conducts public opinion surveys in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio and the nation as a public service and for research.

THE SILVER FOX TAKES ON LADIES OF THE VIEW: Whoopi Goldberg is absent from this interview, due to air tonight on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. But Barbara Walters – looking about as good as any woman pushing 80 has the right to – does most of the talking in this clip along with the fabulous Joy Behar. Those are two wise and seasoned ladies with a lot of life behind them and still at the top of their game. Also there are co-hosts Elisabewth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd.

Zac Efron Pictures: zac efron slicks back hair

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do we think of Zac Efron’s mop of hair all slicked back like that? I rather like it! I also think Zac should have done the Footloose remake. He has plenty of time to do other types of movies but that one would have been a sure-fire winner and only added to whatis sure to be a very long career. I mean,¬† look at Kevin Bacon!


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One Remark

  1. You’d think Zac Efron would want to book that “Footloose” job for the $$$ if anything else. He couldn’t be all that flush from “HSM,” since they were probably all locked in with the first movie and didn’t get a big payday there. Sheesh — the kid still lives in the Valley.

    He’s gotta book $50 million in a couple of years so then he can start picking and choosing his roles. At least maybe he can wait until he sprouts facial hair or something before he gets too serious …

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